Make-a-Wish Foundation Toy Room Makeover

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On Thursday Noah and I volunteered at the Make-a-Wish Foundation office of North Texas.  We have been involved with the Make-a-Wish Foundation since Gabby’s Wish Trip before her brain surgery.  We participate in their 5K every year and various activities throughout the year.  I truly love the cause they support.  Knowing they put many smiles on little kids and sometimes for the last time is inspiring to me and means a lot since they created very special memories for my family.  Their organization pulls a heart string for me.

Two weeks ago I contacted our local office to see if they needed anything and the items on their wish list were shelves and filing cabinets.  Their Wish Kid toy room wasn’t completely organized and they had a lot of toys stacked up on the floor and tables waiting on shelving.  When a child is granted a wish they get to go into this room and pick out a toy, this is usually what is done while the parent is signing paper work to receive the granted wish.  This room is also where the Wish Granters will go to collect various items to help complete a wish, such as princess toys for a princess party.  Of course I wanted to help make this room complete since it is very special to the children.

Noah stocking shelvesI was so proud of Noah for helping.  We had a discussion before leaving the house all about how we were going to be picking up toys and helping clean a room but we couldn’t play with the toys and it wasn’t a store therefore they weren’t for sale.  Surprisingly at the age of 4 years old, he understood.  He simply responded that he is ‘mommy’s big helper‘.  He did an amazing job helping me organize the toys in categories and putting items on the shelves.  We worked hard for two full hours.

Although two hours wasn’t enough to complete the room, we had to leave to meet Gabby after school.  We hope to go back again soon and try to accomplish more.  I felt great being able to help give back to the Make-a-Wish Foundation!  Sometimes I think volunteering your time is worth more than money.  Especially with non-profit organizations such as this one.

Check out our progress!

{Shelves when we first put them up}
Before View of Shelves

{Shelves upon completion}
After View of Shelves

{Table when we arrived – with toys underneath as well}
Before View of Table

{Table when we left – cleaned underneath}
After View of Table

This week Noah officially completed his first two hours of community service at the age of 4 years old.  I thought that was kind of cute and somewhat funny.  He enjoyed his time with mom as much as I enjoyed it.  I think we made a pretty good team.

That concludes Week 2 in the 12 Weeks of Giving!

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  1. That is amazing!!! I am excited to be following along with you and the kids as you do this 12 weeks of giving! I am so proud of you all! Great job!

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