Donated to Juvenile Diabetes at Walgreens – 12 Weeks of Giving

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Last week which was week 6 in the 12 Weeks of Giving we did something very simple as our way to give back.  While shopping at Walgreens we donated a dollar at the cash register for Juvenile Diabetes.  I’m sure you know what I am describing here…  The times you are checking out and the cashier will ask if you want to donate to the charity of choice and they let you put your name on a paper that is then hung within the store, this time it happened to be a paper shoe shape and T added her name.  Our week was very full and we were gone all weekend staying away from home so were unable to volunteer.  But like I mentioned in my very first post, this challenge was to show how a family with limited extra income could do small tasks in order to give back.  So our $1 will add up along with others who have donated.  Even a dollar makes a difference.

Sorry the post is late, this week’s post will be coming within a few days.

Have you blessed someone this week? Share your story in a comment.

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