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The 18th film released by Disney Pixar was Cars 3. Disney Pixar Cars 3 gave all the fans what they wanted, another sweet story that pulled at the heartstrings while teaching important life lessons. We fell in love with the character Cruz Ramirez and wanted to share this quote in a watercolor print. Download your free Disney Pixar Cars 3 Printable below.

Free Printable Disney Pixar Cars 3 Quote

Disney Pixar Cars 3 at Pixar Fest

Although you can see some of your favorite Disney Pixar Cars characters in the Paint the Night parade during Pixar Fest, to get a true look into the world of Pixar Cars, head over to Disney’s Cars Land. Cruz Ramirez is ready to pose for photos along with her other favorite Disney Pixar Cars pals.

Cruz Ramirez at Disneyland in Cars Land

Walking into Cars Land makes you feel like you truly are in Radiator Springs. It’s amazing how well Disney brought to life one of our favorite movies. If you have the chance to visit Cars Land for Halloween, they redo the entire area for family-friendly spooky fun.

Disney Pixar Cars 3 Printable

Cruz Ramirez goes from loving racing her whole life to becoming a racecar in this 3rd installment of Disney Pixar Cars. She never believed she could race and win, so she focuses most of her time helping Lightning McQueen get back on the track. During the process she finds herself and while she is busy coaching him, she doesn’t even realize he begins to coach her.

“Don’t Fear Failure, Fear Not Having the Chance” ~ Cruz Ramirez


click image to download your free Disney Pixar Cars 3 printable

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Disney Pixar Cars 3 Free Printable Quote

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