It’s Halloween Time at Cars Land – Disney Pixar Cars 3 on Digital HD


While on my press trip with Disney and Marvel Studios a couple of weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to celebrate the release of Disney Pixar’s Cars 3 on Digital HD and Bluray at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Cars Land has been made over for the Halloween season. In a salute to Mater, Haul-O-Ween was spooktacular! 

Halloween Time at Cars Land

From the moment we arrived at the parks, I was blown away by the Halloween decorations.

The best part of the night was hanging with my friends and fellow bloggers.

Michelle, from Modern Mom Life, and I were so busy running around snapping photos for IG that we almost lost our group! There was so much to take in that I know I missed things.

Although Disney does a bang-up job of celebrating each holiday season with amazing decorations, this was the first time that Cars Land had joined the transition.


For their first year, they did not disappoint. I was looking left, right, up, down and all around. Seriously… There was so much to see!

Check out the Cozy Cone Motel! If you’ve ever been to Cars Land then you know the large orange cones are one of the main highlights of bringing Radiator Springs to life. I was stunned to see they actually carved the cones for Halloween! Those aren’t just black stickers, that is a real face cut into the cone. Impressive!

Even the trees are spooky! During the daylight hours, the place looks amazing. You can walk around taking photos and even see your favorite Pixar Cars characters in car-stumes.

Doesn’t Mater look cool?

The rides are transformed with new ghostly tunes. Then at night when the sun goes down…

The lights come on and the atmosphere changes.

Fun Fact: Spiders Guests will find 30 car-achnids lurking around Radiator Screams!

As the lights turn on, Cars Land is taken over by supernatural spirits each evening for a haunting Sha-BOO! Sheriff’s voice arrives on the scene to return the town to order and welcome guests to Radiator Screams. It’s a sight you want to witness.

Don’t worry kids, it’s still your same beloved Radiator Springs after dark. Nothing scary jumps out and your favorite Cars rides are there for you to enjoy. The Crazy Cone Motel looks a little creepier at night but I absolutely loved it. I cannot wait to take my kids for Haul-O-Ween season next year.

Frightfully Fun Food

A tempting menu of Halloween food and beverage is available throughout Cars Land, including Car-achnid Pot Pie, Grape “Ghoul”-ant Shake and Mini Candy Cone Pie (Flo’s V8 Cafe); Vampire Mater Bread (Fillmore’s Taste-In); and Slow Burnin’ Mac & Cheese Cone and a Spoke-y Cone Macaron filled with marshmallow buttercream and candy corn (Cozy Cone Motel). Cozy Cone Motel also serves Junkyard JamBOOree Mix – flavored popcorn with optional “nuts and bolts” (green M&M’s, candy corn, chocolate-covered pretzels, Boston baked beans and more).

Haunted Rides

For those that love thrill rides, the Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! that opened last May, has transformed for the season. Now it’s the scary attraction, Guardians of the Galaxy – Monsters After Dark. The ride switches each evening when the sun goes down. The Collector’s Fortress goes dark, alarms sound and all-new lighting on the exterior of the Fortress alerts guests that something inside has gone awry.

As guests enter the Lobby of the Fortress, they will be startled by flashing alarms and creepy sounds – warning signs that creatures have escaped their vitrines (glass cages) and all kinds of chaos is erupting. 

Two other rides that we enjoyed for the new season were Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy and Haunted Mansion Holiday. The lights inside Space Mountain featured a creepy ghost to make it appear haunted. However, if your child can handle that crazy indoor high-speed coaster, then they can handle the ghost lights.

Haunted Mansion blew me away! The details of the decorations and the endless amount of new items featured inside this ride was astonishing. I mean where do they store these decorations between season? I’m amazed. It must have taken weeks to set up, or a sleepless number of days… Oh, Disney, you aim to impress! The entire mansion is now Jack Skeleton and Nightmare Before Christmas themed indoors and out.

New Disneyland Announcement

Disney MaxPass is a new feature you can add to your ticket. With a special app, you’ll be able to download, save and share all of your Disney PhotoPass photos captured during an entire day. MaxPass, which costs $10/day per person, includes unlimited selections of FASTPASSES from both parks via your mobile device PLUS PhotoPass privileges. That covers any photos you take throughout the entire Disneyland Resort, character meal images, ride photos and more.

Disney Pixar Cars 3 on Digital HD

You cannot go to Disney and not want to bring a little bit of the magic home. That’s what is exciting about today! Disney Pixar’s Cars 3 has officially released on Digital HD for home movie entertainment.

Don’t miss these fun Cars 3 coloring pages and activity sheets for your kids to enjoy on movie night.

Full Disclosure: I attended an all-expensive paid trip to LA with Disney and Marvel Studios. This post is in reflection of the events I attended. All opinions are 100% my own.

Have you been to Cars Land? 

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