Gondola Ride through Venice – Life List Accomplishment


I was recently looking over my Life List and realized there are a few things I never got around to crossing off.  In 2012 my mother and I decided to take a multi-generation trip to Europe.  We spent two weeks traveling through Italy, Greece and Croatia.  I took my teen daughter with us – making it three generations of women.  Our girls only trip was amazing.  We celebrated my mom turning 60 and me turning 30.

Venice Italy 2012

I fell in love with Italy in October 2012. On my Life List I had added – ride a gondola through the streets of Italy.  It was an amazing experience and one I am very thankful we did.  We wanted the full Italian gondola experience – to be serenaded while on a relaxing ride.

Gondola Rides

Although they offered gondola rides during the day, they were not offering the music at that time.  So we booked our tour for the evening.  Unfortunately, it made taking photos and videos a little more difficult since it was so dark.

Gondola Ride in Italy

We loaded up in our gondola while some other guests loaded in one next to ours.  Then the men that were singing and playing instruments loaded into a third gondola.  All three of the gondoliers stayed close to one another while rowing through the streets of Venice so all the guests could enjoy the music.

Streets of Venice

Italy was so beautiful.  I found it fascinating to see the gondolas randomly throughout the streets.  Just waiting for someone to hop in it and row down the Venetian lagoon.  The ride took sightseeing to a whole new level.

T and Mom on Gondola Ride

My daughter and I on the gondola ride.

Mom on Gondola

My mother enjoying the ride.  She looks amazing for 60, right?

It is never too late to start a Life List and plan a trip to see the world.  My mom took a trip that she never thought she would experience at 60, with a little coaxing from me.  She enjoyed the vacation overseas as much as we did.  You can find plenty of ideas for travel destinations on Saga Travel.

Do you have a Life List?

Here is a little video of our gondola ride in Venice, Italy.  Sorry for the poor quality – it was pretty dark outside.  Have you ever taken a gondola ride?

Have you visited Europe?  If so, where?

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