Life List

  1. Interact with White Tigers
  2. Own a monkey
  3. Sponsor a child’s wish through the Make-a-Wish Foundation
  4. Mother/Daughter trip to Paris
  5. Take a photography class/workshop {completed online}
  6. Publish my memoir
  7. Have Oprah read, mention or even think about my memoir
  8. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon {completed November 2018}
  9. Take ballroom dancing with partner – {completed February 2014}
  10. Learn some form of martial arts
  11. Learn to meditate
  12. Visit all 50 states
  13. Learn French
  14. Foster a child – {first step – host a foreign exchange student – 2012/2013}
  15. Sit on the beach in Hawaii and watch the sun set and rise
  16. Speak to a gymnasium full of high school students {spoke at a Digital Family Conference 2012}
  17. Complete a 5K at a continuous steady jog
  18. Row a boat – {completed March 2016}
  19. See wild dolphins in the ocean from a boat – {completed June 2014}
  20. Hike up a mountain, stop to camp, and hike back down
  21. Once #15 is complete, share a conversation speaking French, in France
  22. Take a helicopter tour – {completed March 2022}
  23. Host a themed costume party – {completed June 2013}
  24. Stomp grapes to make wine at a festival – {completed 9/17/2010}
  25. Attend and bet on the horse races – {completed 4/30/2010}
  26. Photograph exotic animals & insects in a rain forest – {completed August 2010 & June 2014}
  27. Ring in the New Year in Times Square
  28. Celebrate my B-day at Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  29. Zip line with Gabby at her annual camp – {completed 4/10/2010}
  30. Host an adult only black-tie affair ~ Blast from the past prom event
  31. Host a charity fundraiser & raise funds by allowing participants to beat a car
  32. Be part of an inspirational photo shoot
  33. Experience/provide at least one life list wish on each of my children’s lists
  34. Own a house with my own private office/study {completed}
  35. Spend the summer living in another country
  36. Spend 1 year traveling to other countries to work & live in order to experience the different culture
  37. Complete my own Happiness Project – {started May 30, 2010}
  38. Attend the Kentucky Derby
  39. Zip Line through a rainforest {completed March 2016}
  40. Stand on a glacier in Alaska
  41. Climb a waterfall in Jamaica and then relax on the beach
  42. Go dog sledding
  43. Find peace in Bali
  44. Stand on the Great Wall of China
  45. Open my heart to marry again – {completed June 2014}
  46. Attend the Make-a-Wish black-tie event ~ Wish Night
  47. Adopt a family in need at Christmas time to supply holiday wishes – {completed 2012}
  48. Go Cave Spelunking
  49. Go whale watching
  50. Attend an authentic luau
  51. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
  52. Experience Weightlessness
  53. Visit the Red Carpet at the Awards – {worked red carpet premiere of Breaking Dawn 2012}
  54. Go on a Safari
  55. Ride a Gondola through the streets of Venice – {completed October 2012}
  56. Learn to play the piano
  57. Take the kids to visit the Grand Canyon – {completed June 2017}