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This post is part of the #GivingTuesday campaign with GiveForward.


During our 12 Weeks of Giving series our family is trying to find creative ways to give back to our community, whether the person on the receiving end is a stranger, friend or family member.  When I heard about the initiative that GiveForward launched with their #GivingTuesday campaign, I knew I wanted to participate.  Their philosophy is that exchanging gifts with family and friends during the holiday season does not always count as actual giving.  We often get caught up in the gift exchange of giving because we feel we are supposed to or giving a present because we know the person is giving us one in exchange.

The true definition of giving is to give freely and without expectation.  To help others whether with a gift, money or simply our time is true giving.  To brighten someone’s day with the mere reason that we desire to brighten their day.  Not because we expect them to brighten ours.

I wrote a little about this when sharing my thoughts on adopting a child from the Angel Tree with the Salvation Army each year.  My children and I never get to even meet the child we are giving gifts to.  We never see them or watch them open our presents.  We do not receive any amount of gratitude or appreciation from the family, and that’s okay.  We give those presents to make a child smile.  We can only hope that it works.  We give because it is the least we can do.  My family is blessed to have presents under the tree and as long as we can afford to take care of ourselves we will make sure to set enough money to the side to help others.

12 Weeks of Giving

This Tuesday our family is participating in #GivingTuesday by sending out handwritten cards filled with little surprises to a few people we think could use some holiday cheer.  Just random cards to random loved ones.  These handwritten letters are different than sending out Christmas cards to a long list of recipients this year.

Handwritten Holiday Cards

I found these adorable greeting cards at our local dollar store and knew I could find a few people to send them to.  With social media, email and texting, it is not often that we take the time to handwrite a card to someone.  Yet nothing beats a real letter delivered to your mailbox.  Adding a Starbucks gift card inside will allow me to buy them a coffee or tea no matter the miles separating us this year.

While doing your Cyber Monday shopping and saving money on those important gifts you purchase, remember to snag another good deal to bless someone else.  One great thing I love about GiveForward’s website is you can easily search for a fundraiser of your choice to donate to.  Have a cause close to your heart?  No worries, you can search for a person that needs your help within the guidelines you set.  I was able to browse for family’s that were struggling this Christmas for gifts.  I remember the days Gabby was in the hospital for months and we struggled to make ends meet.  Many stories touched my heart of people seeking help with medical costs this season.

Full Disclosure: This post is part of the GiveForward #GivingTuesday campaign.  All opinions are my own, along with the greeting cards and photos.  My family gives back regularly because it is important to us.

How do you plan to give back this holiday season?  Join us for #GivingTuesday, every little bit counts!

4th Annual 12 Weeks of Giving Series

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