Women in STEM: Who Can Act as Inspiration for You?

 The coming years should be all about girl power – with women becoming more influential and holding more power than ever before. It’s no secret that women have been the underdogs for some time now – especially within a business, with many industries, including healthcare, still seeing a gender pay gap. That means the fact there are so many powerful and influential people working in STEM is so much sweeter. Let’s look at some women working in STEM that you can draw inspiration from.

Angela Spang

Angela Spang is one of the leading innovators in the healthcare world – combining her years of experience in the industry with business expertise to produce a product that serves the healthcare world impeccably. Angela’s design of the self-retaining retractor was built upon the already in-use retractor made from medical grade steel which required medical staff to keep a hand on it to hold it open. 

The self-retaining retractor designed by June Medical — one of Angela’s ventures — requires no need for an extra pair f hands to keep it open. Take a look via this link https://junemedical.com/galaxy-ii-overview/surgical-retractors-info/. Aside from making revolutionary surgical equipment, Angela also develops global strategies, delivers workshops on leadership and sales, and generally paves the way for other women who want to enter the industry.

Cynthia Kenyon

Cynthia Kenyon is one of the leading female scientists in the world. If you’ve ever thought about the possibility of living forever, Cynthia is working on it. She’s a molecular biologist that has focused her studies on genetics and ageing in C. elegans worms. What Cynthia has found is that we can live for longer – potentially. Cynthia’s studies concluded that if the daf2 hormone receptor mutates, it doubles the lifespan of a worm without having a detrimental impact on its quality of life.

As you can see, the studies are a long way off, considering as humans, we don’t resemble worms in the slightest, but she’s paving the way for a better understanding of the ageing process and how we can slow it down.

Marita Cheng

Marita Cheng is most definitely influential. Her studies on robotics have led her to become the founder of Robogals. As a result, Marita was named Australia’s young entrepreneur of the year in 2012 and founded another company Aubot. Her startup robotics company has made huge strides in the industry – and it’s not just robotics that Marita has interests in. Marita is the co-founder of Aipoly, an app that helps blind people use their phones to distinguish objects. 

She’s an all-around innovator with interests in science and electronics – and has combined the two to put herself as one of the leading female innovators. She is an inspiration to all, even someone considering locum tenens internal medicine.

In terms of innovation – those women mentioned above are performing at the highest level. Women are finding their way into STEM through inspirational talks at schools, job conferences, and higher education open days. There are more opportunities than ever before for women to dip their toes into the world of STEM and make their mark.

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