Where do I start? Packing for Your Traveling Adventure

So you’ve finally gone and done it. After months, possibly years of going through the motions, convincing yourself do it, then talking yourself out of it again…you’ve quit your job. Put your career on hold and bought yourself a ticket to see the world. 

You might have your ticket and a great mixture of nerves and excitement brewing, but there’s a lot to plan, arrange and sort before you step foot on a plane. Like what to pack. What classes are essential when you travel? And what items can seasoned travelers not go without? 

Read on for a little inspiration! 

Your Insurance

Ok, ok. So it’s not something you physically pack but you certainly can’t travel without it. Travel medical insurance will cover everything from a chipped tooth and dentist bills to a repatriation, should you die whilst you’re traveling. Sounds a little extreme, but one policy usually covers everything. So before you arrange anything else – get yourself a good policy or click the link to find out more about Schengen Visa Travel Insurance. 

A Torch

A torch can get you out of many tricky spots. It can also save you a social faux pas if you’re sleeping in a dorm at a hostel. No one wants to be the person who comes in late and switches the big light on…at least with a torch, no one can tell who it is who’s staggering around trying to find their bunk. Torches are also useful if there’s a power cut, if you’re in an area with no street lighting and if you go exploring in caves etc.

Wet Wipes

All hail wet wipes. You’ll find that most travelers have them in their bags. They can be used for anything and everything. Whether that’s wiping the sweat from your face, wiping clean your flip-flops (if you’ve stood in something nasty and can’t wash them) if you don’t have access to a shower you can freshen up with them the list is endless. Just try to dispose of them properly. And don’t flush them down the toilet.

A Migraine Pack

Most travelers take medicine and things like plasters with them to cover pain relief from insect bites and cuts and grazes. But with the possibility of overheating, stressful situations, dehydration and sunstroke when you’re out enjoying yourself, many travelers create a migraine pack should they have an episode. 

It only has to be small, as available space is usually limited when you’re traveling light. So painkillers, Tiger Balm, an eye mask to block out any light, ear plugs and something you can wet and use to cool your forehead with. Every pack is different, so fill it with what works for you. And always drink plenty of water! 

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