Should Your Wedding Bands Match? Read Our Handy Guide

Choosing wedding bands is perhaps one of the most wonderful and romantic shopping trips that you’ll take with your partner. The wedding bands that you choose are of course going to be personal to the both of you, but for many couples, the main question is whether or not they should match. Picking wedding bands that match can be a very romantic idea, and there is definitely no shortage of jewelers who offer ‘his and hers’ options on these special pieces of jewelry. However, there are also plenty of reasons why many couples choose to get completely different wedding bands altogether. We’ve put together some top tips to help you decide.

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Although choosing matching wedding bands can be a lovely romantic gesture, selecting ones that don’t match up doesn’t mean that the two of you love each other any less or are any less committed. In fact, picking wedding bands which are completely different, but something that each of you love can be a great way to express your individuality, which is why you were drawn to each other in the first place. Many couples have very different tastes in jewelry, and the most important thing is that you pick a wedding band that you like. See this stunning range of wedding rings Washington DC to get some ideas.


Along with the romantic side of things, another of the main reasons why many couples opt for matching wedding bands is to save money. It’s no secret that wedding bands and rings don’t come cheap, and this could well be the most expensive jewelry purchase that you make in your life. Many jewelers offer ‘his and hers’ wedding band options, which can be purchased as a set and cost less than the price of buying two individual rings. If you’re trying to get married on a budget, opting for matching wedding bands is a good way to bring the cost of your rings down.

Alternative Options

If you’re struggling to come to a decision about the type of wedding bands that you and your significant other will wear, there are some good alternative options to consider. For example, if you both have drastically different tastes in jewelry and can’t decide on a style of wedding band that both of you like, purchasing different rings and having them engraved with a personal, matching message can be the perfect way to compromise on this decision. Or, you could even get the rings engraved with each other’s names, as a stunning and romantic way to show your love for each other. At the end of the day, your wedding band is a symbol of your love and commitment to your spouse, whether it matches theirs or not!

Whether or not you and your significant other decide to opt for matching wedding bands is absolutely down to you. There is no rule that says wedding bands should be matching, and for many couples, each selecting a different band that they love can be even more meaningful.

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