Ways to Improve the Look of Your Bathroom Walls

Your bathroom should be a clean, relaxing room that feels distinct from the rest of the house. But it can feel messy and cluttered if your walls are dirty. However, there are plenty of benefits to enjoy from a cleaner, more pleasing room. Below, we explore the different ways you can improve the look of your bathroom walls. 

Bathroom paint

To start with, you should choose the right bathroom paint to allow the room to shine and repel mildew and damp. Indeed, bathrooms are wet places: no matter how careful you are, your paint will eventually have to deal with water. To deal with this you need glossy paint that has the innate properties to cope with this environment. By buying bathroom paint and applying it evenly, you should find that your bathroom immediately feels improved. 

Install wall panelling 

Wall panelling has been an enduring trend in homes for hundreds of years. And for good reason: it offers insulation, soundproofing and storage solutions. This is particularly useful for homes that get cold in winter. It’s easy to install and can even cover up any piping or imperfections on your bathroom walls. Just get in a trusted contractor to help you out and you should end up with a superb finish. 


If you’re not happy with your walls, then you could consider picking out a suitable wallpaper. Sure, the wallpaper will have to be water-resistant, but this still leaves you with plenty of potential options. Ideally, you’ll go for the colours and textures that complement and balance your bathroom perfectly. From there, you just need to remember to smoothly install the wallpaper without any bumps or imperfections on the surface. 

Bathroom tiles

The right set of tiles can elevate any bathroom, lending it a sleek and fresh look. But getting suitable tiles in can be difficult. First, consider the space you have: if it’s small then you should go for something minimalist, rather than overdoing it. From there, you need to decide whether to lay the tiles in a horizontal or diagonal manner. Finally, you get to enjoy the exciting part: selecting the colours and patterns. If you’re feeling ambitious, then you could go for a set of tiles that give your bathroom a striking look. However, there’s always the option to go for a clean, light colour to make your bathroom look open and spacious. 

By improving your bathroom walls, you can change the complexion of the whole room. Simply follow the advice above and you should be able to make a few upgrades that give you the bathroom of your dreams. 

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