Top 4 Reasons Why People Undergo Rhinoplasty Surgery

Do you know someone who’s a nose job? Believe it or not, rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the UK, so to know someone who’s gone under the knife to change the shape or size of their nose isn’t unlikely!

Choosing to get cosmetic surgery is an incredibly personal decision and one that requires plenty of research and consideration before you go ahead. While it’s easy to dismiss individuals who’ve had their nose “done” as people who prioritise their looks, it’s incredibly unfair to pigeon-hole patients who undergo the procedure. In fact, there are multiple reasons why someone might choose to have rhinoplasty surgery. Let’s explore this further.

Remember – if you’re hoping to get a nose job in the UK, speak with a professional and fully accredited plastic surgeon to discuss your options. Click the link to find out more.  

Struggling With Self Confidence

We all have parts ourselves that we might like to change, but these little insecurities shouldn’t impact our daily lives. However, if someone is struggling with their confidence levels due to the shape or size of their nose, then undergoing rhinoplasty surgery is a viable option. By chatting with a qualified and highly experienced consultant, patients can discuss the options available to them and what the final results might be like. By changing the shape or size of their nose through this complex surgery, it can give their confidence a much-needed boost.

They’ve Had an Accident

If someone has had an accident or the shape of their nose has been damaged due to a mishap or injury, then rhinoplasty may be recommended. Patients may need reconstructive surgery or bone realignment and a reshaping procedure to make the appearance of their nose better. However, it’s worth remembering that not every individual is the right candidate for rhinoplasty, so it’s worth booking a consultation and discussing your options as soon as possible before you have your heart set on cosmetic surgery.

The Bridge of The Nose is Bumpy

One of the most common reasons behind rhinoplasty is to correct the “hump” on the bridge of their nose. This kind of feature can create a “hooked nose” which many people don’t consider attractive, and it may impact their confidence. By blending the nasal bones and cartilages, surgeons can make the nose straighter and improve its appearance.

They Don’t Like the Size of Their Nose

Whether they spent an entire childhood being bullied or they’re more conscious now they’re older, another common reason behind rhinoplasty is to change the size of the patient’s nose. Individuals with wider or larger noses can potentially have the structure of their nose altered to make it appear smaller.

More About Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty is an incredibly complex aesthetic procedure that requires patients to have at least 2 weeks away from work as part of the recovery process. Interestingly, patients won’t see the final results until the initial swelling and bruising goes down, which can take several months! If you’re thinking about rhinoplasty in the UK, conduct plenty of research first to find the right clinic for you.

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