Thinking of Going Professional

To say that things have been somewhat crazy around our house lately is an understatement.  Between me trying to keep up with work projects, school letting out for the summer, all of Gabby’s numerous doctor appointments and the house work… I’ll admit some of the balls that I’m juggling get dropped.  I know we’ve all been there, times where you aren’t sure if you can get it all done and actually the answer is you can’t.  At what point do you decide to outsource some of it?  Which areas do you have the biggest tendency to outsource?

For the past two weeks I’ve left our carpet shampooer in the middle of the kitchen floor assuming that it will make me stop and take the time to clean the carpets.  Have I cleaned the carpets yet?  No.  Do they need to be cleaned?  Yes.  I usually clean our carpets every few months and come August we’ll be in this house for one full year.  It’s time.  I’m thinking of hiring a carpet cleaning service.  I remember when we lived in an apartment complex they would have professionals come out and clean our carpets once every six months.  I miss that.

The house we rented last year had some plumbing issues resulting in water damage which resulted in some free carpet cleaning.  Thankfully it was just the shower that overflowed from the washing machine draining and nothing nasty!

The carpet in this house is really light so everything shows up.  However cleaning carpets has to either be done when we aren’t home, hence the professional… or after the kids have gone to bed so they won’t walk on it.  I usually work when the kids are sleeping so that hasn’t been an easy option lately.

Last year I would outsource some of the house cleaning duties to a good friend of mine.  I was working more hours than I am now and it just made more sense to pay someone to pick up my slack and have more time with my kids.

Do you outsource any household duties?  Do you hire a sitter to help you even if you are at home?  What is the first thing you ask for help on?


  1. You are not alone. I work for the public school system, so I am lucky enough to have summers off. I have a list of deep cleaning that needs to be done…dusting light fixtures and pendants, washing windows, cleaning out the fridge and deep freeze etc…..We’ve been out of school here for 3 weeks now and I haven’t started any of it.

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