Snow Pea & Walnut Chicken Salad


This story is brought to you by Peach Dish and Hilton Homewood Suites

If you haven’t heard of Peach Dish, they are a meal delivery service that delivers fresh, seasonal meals for their customers to cook right in the comfort of their home.  What I love about the service is all the ingredients are measured out and ready for you to start cooking.  I always hate purchasing a ton of produce from our local market to only waste some when preparing dinner for two.

This Snow Pea Walnut Chicken Salad recipe was perfect for a date night.  Going out to dinner with my husband is not always ideal.  We like to relax when the kids are gone and stay indoors, sometimes.

Snow Pea Walnut Chicken Salad

All of the ingredients for your meal come packaged separately and stored in this beautiful mesh bag.  Each item is clearly marked and the instructions even have photos showing you how to make the dish.

Peach Dish Ingredients

Check out my unboxing video below.  I walk you through the steps of unpacking the Peach Dish meal and preparing the Snow Pea Walnut Chicken Salad.

Snow Pea Walnut Chicken Salad

Peach Dish Dinner

One recommendation when ordering from Peach Dish. If you are a new customer they recommend you order the Starter Kit first. Most of their meals use these staples when cooking. The Starter Kit will last you a long time.

Dinner was delicious!  I cannot get over that salad dressing.  I would have never thought to combine those ingredients and now we can’t get enough of it.  This dish is a must-make for the future.  Plus, it was super easy and quick!

Peach Dish has teamed up with Homewood Suite by Hilton to provide their meal service delivered right to your suite.  I love this option!  Many times when you travel you are stuck eating fast food or out at restaurants.

Homewood Suites Kitchen

The Homewood Suites by Hilton has fully stocked kitchens in each suite.  There was plenty of counter space to prepare our dinner and their dishes, pots/pans, and knives were much better than I would expect from a hotel.

Homewood Suites Living Room

After dinner my husband and I watched a movie.  The Homewood Suites lobby manager was very kind to provide us with a DVD player.  Our staycation was more than relaxing.  It was nice to have a date night away.

Homewood Suite Bedroom

Homewood Suites by Hilton offers two bedroom suites, each equipped with queen size beds.  Both bedrooms have full size bathrooms as well.  It’s the best place to stay with large families.  Without having to share one bathroom, there is no rushing around to get ready for a day of exploring while on vacation.  With Peach Dish delivery system and the large rooms, it truly felt like comfort of being at home.

Have you tried Peach Dish meal delivery? Have you stayed at a Homewood Suites by Hilton?

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