Mother and Daughter Bonding

Mother and Daughter Final DosAs you have probably noticed I’ve been posting about Back To School a lot lately. Matter of fact a lot of blog posts I’ve seen around the blogosphere lately have been about heading back to school days. Everyone is getting excited and nervous about their children returning to school. Either nervous about them leaving home again, sad to watch them grow up and start the first day or just a little excited about having those few hours of quiet time each day while their children are in class.

Today to start the prep towards T starting middle school… Yes that’s right, this is her very first year in middle school!  No, I can’t believe it either! We went and got our hair done. This was T’s very first time to actually have color put into her hair. She was so excited. We have played around with temporary pink hair dye that washed out in less than a week but this time was the real deal.  I loved the time we spent together at the salon.  It was real mother daughter bonding.  We laughed, chatted and I got to watch her get so excited about something that seems so simple to a woman.  Of course I was a nervous wreck and it took a lot of convincing to get me to finally agree to it.  I tweeted the whole time and created a Whrrl story you can watch here once the final touches were complete.

T's Final Do (Side View)I also had to capture some video during the experience. I mean, come on, this is a milestone you know. Like the first time you she lost a tooth, first hair cut, first day of school…. Well this was her first real hair do including color. The thoughts of her becoming a teenage next year scares the crap out of me. But I must admit the final outcome of her hair looked amazing!

She loves it as well.  I tried to pay close attention to the hair stylist when she fixed it and we bought her some hair products for the back.  Our first test will be this weekend and I have faith we can make it look the same.  Don’t you?

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    1. Thank you Grampy! I cherish the thought of looking young, even though I am pretty young. My mom holds her age well so I guess I come by it honestly.

  1. LOVE the hairdo! I also cherish the special mom/daughter time we have together. I have one daughter leaving for her first year of college in two weeks…I’ve been trying to spend as much time with her as possible. My other daughter will be starting high school this year. They grow so fast!!

    1. Jackie: OMGosh I fear the days when my child leaves for college. I literally feel anxiety over it now, LOL. I’ll be one of those mothers who goes through major empty nest syndrome. I’ll have to go get me a monkey! 🙂

    1. Thanks Erika! She is very proud of her new do, that’s for sure. I love changing my hair up, especially if I feel stuck in a frump, it makes me feel refreshed!

    1. Thanks, she loves it! And to be honest, I’m not really old enough to be her mother. I started way too young! She has literally already outgrown me though, I can only imagine a few more years. She’s only 12 now.

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