Minimalist Fashion Tips You’ll Love

Fashion should be down to the individual. Just because you like to wear something and it isn’t deemed ‘in fashion’, doesn’t mean you should stop wearing it. You can even experiment with a variety of different styles and trends until you find something you love that works for you. One of the most popular trends around at the moment is minimalist fashion. The great thing about this style, is that it’s so easy to create and is pretty timeless. This means that even when people are back wearing crazy colors and patterns, you can confidently dress this way. Here are some fashion tips for minimalist fashion that you’ll love!

Invest In Quality Pieces

Invest in quality pieces of clothing that will last you for years, so that you don’t have to replace items in your wardrobe as frequently. It’s always worth spending a little more money on a quality piece, than having to replace it every few months. If you really love an item, whether this is the fit, the color, or just the way you look in it, it’s definitely worth investing.

Choose 3 Key Colors

For a minimalist wardrobe, you should choose 3 key colors. This is your color scheme, and everything you buy should fit in. Black and white are safe colors to choose, and having another color like brown could also work. However, you could potentially add in a bold color, such as red or yellow. Just because it’s a little brighter, doesn’t mean you’re not dressing in a minimal way.

Play With Cool Shapes

Play with cool shapes and you won’t need to add anything else to your look to make it look interesting. Minimalist doesn’t have to mean boring. You can play with asymmetrical shapes, for example.

Don’t Forget To Accessorize

You should never forget to accessorize, even if you’re going for as little fuss as possible. A plain necklace, or even a diamond ring could work well with a style like this. The diamond price doesn’t need to break the bank if you look in the right place for it. Just make sure it’s quality, as it’ll look better. You shouldn’t pile on too many accessories if you’re going for a minimalist look, but the following items will work well with your wardrobe:

  • A neutral bag.
  • A neutral belt.
  • A plain bangle.
  • A plain necklace.
  • Stud earrings.
  • A clean diamond ring.

Build A Capsule Wardrobe

If you’re serious about rocking the minimalist style, then you’re going to want to build a capsule wardrobe around it. Having a capsule wardrobe means you can stop spending money on clothes, and simple enjoy the many combinations you can create using the clothes you do have. There are lists of basics you can use to go shopping with online. Make sure everything fits in with your chosen color scheme, and you’ll have a capsule wardrobe in no time!

These fashion tips should help you to nail minimalist style. Have fun putting your new wardrobe together – thanks for reading!

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