Matching Laptop and Phone Case – Gift Idea for Techie


I received these products for review. All opinions are 100% my own.

I was recently introduced to Slick Case and fell in love with all the designs. You will not find me with my laptop without my phone nearby so these matching laptop and phone case products from Slick Case were perfect.

Slick Case – Matching Laptop and Phone Case

MacBook laptop cover case

If you have a techie in your life that you are shopping for this holiday season or someone that works on the go, the Slick Case bundle is a great gift.

The Matching MacBook and iPhone Case Bundle comes with your hardshell case for your MacBook, soft silicone keypad cover, and iPhone case.

laptop keyboard cover

This keyboard cover is so easy to use. You simply peel it off the packaging and slide it onto your laptop keypad. It does not leave a sticky residue but stays in place while you type. I love how it feels. I type pretty fast and work long hours, it hasn’t worn down or moved any. 

Dwan with laptop at hotel

As a travel writer and someone that attends meetings and conferences outside the office, I love having a matching laptop and phone case. I have received so many compliments and honestly, plan to order another pattern to switch them out.

I opted for the Rainbow Haze design but it was a tough choice. I also love the Marble prints. Since I work on the go so much, I went with something bright and cheerful.

matching laptop and phone case

The MacBook case is very durable. The hardshell case provides protection against scratches and drops. It also helps prevent dust from getting inside your laptop. The bottom of the case has tiny feet on all four corners to give it a slight lift. The case comes in two pieces, the top and the bottom. It easily pops right on your laptop and stays secure. 

Both cases are so lightweight that when they arrived in the mail I was shocked they were inside the envelope package. 

Which Slick Case design would you select?

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