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Knoxville, Tennessee
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By the time you are reading this post I am about half way to TN. My girls’ school district closed down last week on Wednesday and doesn’t plan to open back up until May 11th at the earliest. My mom’s whole family lives in Knoxville, TN or the surrounding areas plus my cousin is getting married on the 9th, so…. I figured what better chance to up and drive there.

Oh I almost forgot, ‘why did the school close?’ , you ask. Well because of Swine Flu of course. Apparently one of the many schools around us had a couple of confirmed cases so they felt we should close them all. All in our district that is. The schools ten to thirty minutes from us are all still in session. Since the YMCA near us closed and canceled Tapanga’s soccer games and the city canceled the outdoor events I figured what’s left? I’m not complaining that school is out for a week and a half because this has given us a second Spring Break to head and visit our family.

We packed up and are leaving first thing Monday morning but I plan to stay in a hotel half way there since it is a 14 hour drive. I am scheduling this post so my loyal readers don’t think I disappeared again. Also I wanted to let you know I plan to have a few guest bloggers this week. Exciting, right?

Now I’m off to get some rest before I jump in a car with three kiddos to drive states away. I am not sure who will annoy who first. The kids with their video games and of course the bickering or me with my loud singing to keep myself entertained.

I will have my iPhone with me all week and plan to check emails, get on twitter, facebook and skype. Although I broke my laptop so no full computer access for a WEEK! Let’s hope I survive it alright.

Have a great week everyone!


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