Junior Cadet Corps Ball – My Teen is Growing Up Too Fast

Last night T attended her Junior Cadet Corps Military Ball.  She had a great time and looked gorgeous.  She got her hair done in an up do before the ball.  It took literally hours for them to put it up in curls.  She has so much hair yet it’s fine so some of the curls kept falling out.  Finally with tons of bobbie pins, hair spray and even some pony tails hidden with curls her hair was finished.  I thought it looked fabulous and she was very pleased.

We did her nails at home with the Crackle nail polish she purchased.  She went with silver and white since that matched her dress.  Her toe nails were done in a pearly white color.  They looked really good as well.  I helped her with her makeup and we used some light silver/gray color in the eye shadow to make everything come together nicely with a pink lip gloss.

After she got dressed in her long evening gown and put on her dress shoes that matched, she looked beautiful.  It was a true reminder of the fact she is growing up.  She looks so much more mature and I had a real mom moment.

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I can’t believe she is going to be 14 years old in July!  Of course then I look at these photos and think to myself ‘wow, she’s only 14, she looks so mature for her age’.  I’m not ready for my first baby to grow up.  However I don’t think that matters much because like it or not it’s happening… right before my eyes.

T had a great time at the Military Ball.  She said the dinner was fantastic with salad, chicken and even strawberry cheese cake for dessert.  The ceremony was very nice and it all ended with a dance.  It was a very exciting night for her and her friends, they all looked so pretty and were able to have a lot of fun together for the night off with no worries of school.

You can read more about T’s Junior Cadet Corps involvement on her teen blog as well as see photos of her in her uniform.

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  1. She looks beautiful! My daughter is only 8, and was a Flower girl in our cousins wedding this weekend. I couldn’t believe how much older she looked with her hair done and all dressed up, I was teary eyed all day : )
    All I kept thinking was, One day it’s going to be her in a wedding dress and I’ll be so much more than just teary, I’ll be a blubbering fool, lol!

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