Here’s How You Can Spice Up Your Dinner Party With an Astrology Theme

Are you someone who frequently hosts dinner parties? Dinner parties are a lovely way to catch up with your friends while bonding over all things delicious. But after a while, as the initial novelty wears off, the usual sit-down dinner and drinks can become a bit dull. 

If you’re someone who loves checking your daily Sagittarius horoscope, an astrology theme is a perfect way to enhance your regular dinner parties. And if you aren’t a believer, it’s still a fun idea! So, let’s get started.

Arrange Tablecloth & Napkins

Sure, your regular table setting is classic, but it won’t make the cut for an astrology-theme party. However, going out and buying an entirely new set of astrological tablecloths and napkins will be unnecessarily expensive, especially because you’ll likely never use it in everyday life. 

Luckily, there is an affordable way to create tablecloths. Measure the dimensions of your table and head over to a fabric store. You’ll discover hundreds of fabrics in all kinds of patterns, textures, and colors. We would suggest you stick to jewel shades such as sapphire blue, emerald green or amethyst purple. For napkins, go for something like copper or black. Make sure the fabric doesn’t fray easily so that you don’t have to bother with hemming. You should pick tableware that complements this color palette. 

Get Creative with Centerpieces

Even if you keep the table setting relatively simple, you can take the drama up a notch with elaborate centerpieces. Something like deep-purple tulips mixed with ferns will make a wonderful flower arrangement. 

If working with a narrow table, a dense flower arrangement might be too much for the space. Instead, you can place a runner, line up candles in a casual manner, and throw star-shaped table confetti.

On the other hand, if candles feel too simple for you, autumnal centerpieces perfectly tie-in with the astrology theme. You’ll just need sprigs of berries, white and gold mini-pumpkins, and glitter candles.

Personalize Place Cards

What would an astrology-theme party be without any horoscopes? Some of your guests will take it seriously, and some won’t, but trust us, everyone will find it utterly amusing. 

You can create personalized place cards with your guests’ horoscopes of the day on the back. Another fun idea would be to place your guests in order of the zodiac signs. 

Create a Zodiac Menu

Even if you’re hosting a small party with ten guests, you can elevate the charm with printed menus. You can incorporate the four elements- earth, water, fire, and air. And encourage guests to pick dishes based on their astrological elements.

Each sign has distinct qualities and preferences that are determined by the position of the planets at the time of birth. If your guest is a Capricorn, read Stella Andromeda’s “Capricorn: Harness the Power of the Zodiac” to understand more about their personality qualities and which dishes they’ll like the most. If your guest is a Leo, for example, you may go to websites like Horoscope or Cafe Astrology, or read brief characteristics of Leo, or any other sign your guest might be.

Serve Mystical Drinks

A mystical drink menu will make your dinner party one for the books. Get your hands on Viniq Shimmery Liqueur. This vodka-based liqueur is infused with shimmer and comes in a range of colors including midnight-blue and ruby. It will leave your guests enchanted, to say the least. Gold Flake Vodka is another option.

However, if you can’t get your hands on either of those, you can impress your guests with color-changing galaxy cocktails. You can find easy-to-follow tutorials on Youtube.

Set Up DIY Dessert Bar

A well-curated dessert bar looks extravagant but takes little effort. Set up a table with a spread of geode candy, starry cupcakes, gemstone chocolates, macaroons, and so on.

Book an Astrologer

To entertain your guests, you can book an astrologer or a tarot card reader for your party. Guests can go for personal reading and ask whatever is on their mind. 

If you’re looking for something more low-key, plenty of zodiac-themed virtual and board games are available. 

We hope this guide helps you wow your guests at your upcoming get together!

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