Guide to Hiring Your First Cleaner

There is no fun in cleaning, and many of us would rather not do it if only we can still maintain a sanitary home without tiring ourselves. Fortunately, there is always the option of hiring someone else to help you with cleaning tasks. Outsourcing the cleaning has a lot of benefits including giving you more time for other more productive things, and ensuring that your indoor quality is at its best with the reduction of dust and dirt in the air. Despite these benefits, some homeowners are still hesitant to enlist the help of cleaners because of concerns about privacy, and the safety of their homes. To give your home a better clean and secure your belongings, you need to find reliable people whom you can trust to enter your home. 

Our friends at Pristine Home have put together this awesome guide on how to hire your first cleaner based on their experience as a home cleaning service in Sydney.

Get referrals 

To start your search for a reputable cleaning company, ask your family and neighbors if they know a cleaning professional or company that offers the services you are looking for. Also, ask about their experience with the company, and what they think of the quality of the cleaning provided. Feedbacks from people you trust are the best because you know they will not recommend someone whose work is unsatisfactory. 

Hop online 

If your friends don’t have a cleaning company to recommend, it’s time to do a quick online search of cleaning services in your area. You are sure to find a lot of cleaning companies operating near your place of residence, and you can easily search their Yelp and Google reviews to get an idea of any issues previous clients may have had with them. 

Inquire about insurance and bonding 

To ensure the safety of your property and your belongings, choose a cleaning company that is bonded and properly insured. Whenever you let cleaners into your home, there is always the risk of damage and injuries, which is why it’s extremely important to go for an insured cleaning company to avoid any liability in case of loss, damages, and injuries inside your property.

Yes, you will be paying more for the services of a bonded company, but trust us when we say that you cannot put a price on the level of assurance they are able to provide you with.

Ask about the company’s service offerings

Your expectations have a better chance of being met if you know the services a cleaning company can provide. So before you make the hire, make it a point to ask whether the company offers a fixed service, or if they accommodate special requests for cleaning. Whether you want a cleaning service that can be customized or prefer a fixed service where you can expect cleaners to work on the same areas every time, it’s important to know what exactly you are getting for the service you are paying for. There is no perfect company, but there is a right cleaning company that will provide the level of service you need. 

Pick up your stuff

If you are wondering whether you should clean before the cleaners arrive, the answer is yes, especially if you want to get more bang for your bucks. While you should leave the more challenging chores to the cleaning team you hired for the job, it is better to put your things away to avoid the risk of the cleaners putting your possessions in places where you might not be able to find them immediately. With less clutter around the house, the cleaners can focus on dusting and disinfecting surfaces, rather than spending half of the cleaning visit putting your things away. 

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