What Goes Into the Making of Marvel’s First Cinematic Female Villain – Hela


Introducing Hela, Marvel’s first cinematic female villain. She is fierce and a true villain to her core! You will love her, hate her, hate to love her. Hela is played by Oscar® winner Cate Blanchett.

I cannot wait to share my experience at the Thor: Ragnarok premiere! Seeing the beautiful Cate Blanchett walk the red carpet was amazing. More details on that, plus some Q&A with her on her role as Hela coming soon.

We’ve seen many strong female leads in Disney films. It was time to see an intimidating female Marvel villain.

Hela holding Thor’s hammer?! Yes, it’s true. Is she worthy or just filled with so much power she can stop the God of Thunder? You’ll have to wait and see on November 3rd when Thor: Ragnarok opens in theaters everywhere. You will NOT want to miss this third Thor film. 

Marvel’s First Cinematic Female Villain

Missed the live coverage from the premiere? Check out all the tweets, photos, and video clips by following hashtag #ThorRagnarokEvent.

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