Get Crafty & Save Cash

Being crafty is a super fun way to spend your time. Not only that, though, but it can also help you save a few bucks along the way too! By making your own items and belongings, you won’t have to shell out quite as much cash as you would if you were buying everything brand new. Ready to watch your savings steadily grow? Then why not try one of these fabulously crafty ideas!

Candle Making

Candles are a great addition to any living room and bedroom, and they can really help you improve the room’s ambience. If you get a few scented ones, you will also find that they can help you unwind after a busy day at work! Unfortunately, candles can be very expensive to buy. Especially if you want the pretty ones! But they are very easy to make on your own. All you need are some heat-proof containers, soy wax, and wicks. Simply melt the wax, pour it into a container and pop in the wick. Once the wax has set it’s good to go!

Repair Your Old Clothes

Just because you have an accident and end up ripping or tearing your favorite dress doesn’t mean that you need to spend a lot of cash replacing it. There is one great solution. You just need to repair the dress yourself. Sure, you could take it to a professional clothes repairer and seamstress, but that will cost you a lot of money. Instead, take some time improving your sewing skills, and you will find that you can improve your clothes to very high standards. To make it easier, you could even buy yourself a sewing machine:

Make Your Own Cards

If a friend or relative has a birthday coming up, you are probably wondering what you can buy them as a gift. To ensure you have as much cash as possible to buy them a fantastic present, you should think about saving some money on the card. And you can do that by making your own birthday card for them. If you start making your own greetings cards, you will find that you can save a lot of money through the year. There are plenty of how-tos and special kits for greeting cards online:

Homemade Art

Do you think you could do with a few more artworks hanging on your walls? Well, you don’t need to run down to your local art shop just yet. After all, most art places sell their works at very high prices! Instead, why not get crafty and make your own works of art. Have a go at painting your own images or illustrating some scenes. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t particularly artistic because you can simply be as abstract as you like! This is also a great thing to get your kids into – they will love seeing their work displayed on the walls!

Have fun with your money saving DIY!

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