Don’t Drop the Sprinkles Diaper Changing Game

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Baby Sprinkle

Instead of “showering” the mother with gifts, as in a baby shower, you “sprinkle” her with just a few necessities. As the name suggests, a sprinkle is a light shower. If the child is a second or third child, mothers typically already have most of the supplies needed to care for a baby.

The best part of a baby sprinkle, besides socializing with all of your loved ones, is playing the fun and silly games.  Nothing gets all of your guests laughing more than competing against one another in a baby game.

Luvs Diaper Changing Game

Don’t Drop the Sprinkles Diaper Changing Game

Since a baby sprinkle is for a mom that already has at least one child, this diaper changing game should be pretty simple.  The twist that makes it challenging is making sure you do not drop the ‘sprinkles’ from the diaper.  Each guest will race against the clock to see who can change a diaper without spilling any of the contents in the least amount of time.

Don't Drop the Sprinkles Game

To keep with the sprinkle theme we used confetti inside the diapers.  The baby starts with a diaper that is full.  The object of the game is to put on a clean diaper and dispose of the one it is wearing all without losing any of the confetti inside.

Baby Shower Confetti - Sprinkles

You can make your own confetti sprinkles with a hole punch, buy baby gender confetti to match your baby sprinkle theme or purchase just plain confetti of any color in the party section of your local store.

Game Variations

  • Make the women that are already moms wear a blindfold since they have changed many diapers which gives them an advantage, while letting women that do not have children and men that are not dads have a shot without a blindfold.
  • Let the kids join in!  New siblings need the practice before their baby sister is born…  Plus, kids love to play games, laugh and try to beat their parents.
  • Hosting a gender reveal during the baby sprinkle?  Let the confetti inside the diapers be the surprise announcement.  Which guest will finish their diaper changing the fastest when all the squeals of excitement come out about the gender of the baby?!

Diaper Changing Game

If you do not have enough baby dolls to have each guest race at the same time, then you can use a timer to calculate each person’s time.  We used the stop watch app on the iPhone.

Don't Drop the Sprinkles

Click the image above for a free printable download of the Don’t Drop the Sprinkles Diaper Changing Game sign.  This fits an 8×10 frame but can be sized down if you prefer.

What is your favorite baby sprinkle game?


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