Celebrate National Pizza Day with 50+ Pizza Recipes

February 9th is National Pizza Day and to celebrate, because who doesn’t LOVE pizza, we are sharing over 50 recipes that you need to add to your home menu. 

Homemade Pizza Essentials

Wanting to make homemade pizza for the first time? Have a gluten-sensitivity in your home? Start with these recipes. Learn to make homemade pizza sauce and gluten-free crust.

  1. Easy Gluten Free Pizza Crust
  2. Homemade Pizza Sauce
  3. Gluten Free Oatmeal Pizza Dough

Unique Twist on Traditional Pizza

What is your favorite pizza topping? I love adding grilled chicken to my pizza and lots of cheese. However, bacon sounds pretty good too. After putting together this long list of unique pizza recipes I now have a desire to add some apple slices.

  1. Pickle Pita Pizza
  2. Grilled Cheese Pizza Sandwich
  3. Mac and Cheese Pizza
  4. Beef and Vegetable Pizza
  5. Grilled Shrimp Pizza
  6. Caprese Flat Bread
  7. Deep Dish Bubble Pizza
  8. Easy Supreme French Bread Pizza
  9. Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza
  10. Easy Fresh Mozzarella Mini Pizzas
  11. Sausage and Ricotta Naan Pizza
  12. Biscuit Pizza Bread
  13. Meat Lovers Pizza Bread
  14. Grilled Prosciutto Arugula Pizza
  15. Bacon Corn Pizza
  16. Savory Apple Bacon Pizza
  17. Brocolli Tomato Pizza
  18. Filet French Bread Pizza
  19. BLT Pizza
  20. Homemade Pizza with the Works
  21. Italian Sausage Mozzarella Pizza
  22. Alfredo Chicken Pizza
  23. Taco Pizza
  24. Chicken Fajita Pizza

Breakfast Pizza

Pizza for breakfast? Yes, please! And we aren’t talking the cold leftover slices you grab from the fridge from the night before. These unique breakfast pizza recipes will make your kids smile! Pancakes + Pizza? 

  1. Easy Pancake Breakfast Pizza
  2. Hashbrown Breakfast Pizza
  3. Breakfast Pizza
  4. Mini Breakfast Pizza
  5. Pepperoni Pizza Pancakes

Pizza Appetizers

Pizza does not have to be a pie. How about the pizza flavored popcorn for movie night? Or if you are like my son, you love quesadillas so why not try the pizzadillas! I am serving pizza dip at my next party.

  1. Pizza Pasta Salad
  2. Pizza Wontons
  3. Bite-sized Pepperoni and Sausage Pizza Puffs
  4. Pizza Potato Skins
  5. Zucchini Pizza Bites
  6. Pizza Dip
  7. Movie Night Pizza Popcorn
  8. Pepperoni Pizzadillas
  9. Whole Wheat Pizza Braid
  10. Cauliflower Flatbread with Pesto

Pizza Inspired Side Dish

These skillet pizza potatoes look amazing. When making a full dinner that is inspired by this favorite Italian food, put a pizza spin on more than your main dish.

  1. Skillet Pizza Potatoes
  2. Easy Pizza Loaf
  3. Pizza Stuffed Hasselback Potato

Pizza Casserole Recipes

Casseroles are so easy to make for family dinner. Toss it in the oven or slow-cooker and let the cooking begin. By mixing pizza and pasta together, it’s like the taste of Italy explodes in your mouth.

  1. Pizza Pasta Casserole
  2. Chicken Parmesan Pizza Casserole
  3. Pepperoni Pizza Baked Ziti
  4. Slow-Cooker Pizza Casserole
  5. Pizza Casserole
  6. Low Carb Pizza Casserole
  7. One Skillet Pizza Pasta

Sweet Pizza Recipes

I’m torn between wanting to eat cinnamon roll pizza and apple pie pizza. Although, I love peanut butter and s’mores. Maybe I’ll add all four of these dessert pizza recipes to my dessert bar at our next party.

  1. Cinnamon Roll Pizza
  2. Apple Pie Pizza
  3. Peanut Butter S’mores Pizza
  4. Peanut Butter and Jelly Pizza

Which pizza are you eating to celebrate National Pizza Day?

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