Beautiful Seashell Crafts

Summer is almost coming to a close, which makes me sad.  However, we put together this list of beautiful seashell crafts that you can make using those seashells you collect on your beach vacation.  Preserve your summer vacation memories and keep summer going a little longer with these DIY ideas.

seashell crafts

Beautiful Seashell Crafts

I love shadowboxes.  You can get as creative as you want with these.  Add shells, add some of the beach sand you collected and maybe even toss in a postcard from your trip.

Now this DIY seashell craft is very pretty.  Make these cute earrings as a gift or to take a little of your vacation with you each day you wear them.

This craft is perfect for a beach house or a nautical themed room.

How fun is this wreath?!

I love using scrapbook paper in this way.

Another creative way to display your beach mementos on your wall.

This simple DIY candles are cute and glittery!

These tiny canvases are so cute.  I love how she made a tree design from shells.

This will go perfect on a lake/beach house fireplace mantel or along side your other nautical decor.

This is simply beautiful and makes the perfect centerpiece for any table.

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How do you preserve your vacation memories?

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  1. I love all of these designs and crafts! Sea shells make for beautiful and fun crafting materials. Nice work! Thanks so much for sharing so many great ideas!

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