5 Unique Wedding Bouquet Ideas

What is a wedding without a bouquet? Traditional bouquets consist of beautiful flowers, the most common amongst these are roses. The bouquet is a centuries-long tradition and a way for the bride to express herself.  

However, more and more brides nowadays are experimenting with non-traditional elements in their bouquets, resulting in stunning results on their special day! Check out the following bouquets with interesting pieces that will surely leave lasting impressions on guests’ minds.

Succulent Wedding Bouquets

Succulents have become quite a trend over the last few years, and not just in backyards. More and more brides are adding a few varieties of succulents amongst their bouquets of flowers.

 You can go all out and have a succulent-only bouquet. With over 10,000 species of succulents worldwide, you are guaranteed to find a type you like. Whichever option you choose, these are quite sturdy plants and will look great throughout your entire day! You can keep and nurture the succulents after your wedding, and watch your bouquet thrive in your garden even years after you have tied the knot. What a way to cherish the memories of your special day!

Brooch/Button Wedding Bouquets

If you like the vintage look more, you can try out this unique approach. Add some vintage or new brooches to your floral bouquet, or make your entire bouquet out of them. Brooches and buttons in a flower shape seem to work best and look great! You can have your “something old” or “something blue” easily incorporated here if you’d like to follow those classic traditions. 

The best part of this bouquet? You can keep it forever! You can dig through your own jewelry box, get all the women of the family to donate pieces, or thrift at your local second-hand goods shop too! Talk about budget-friendly!

Crystal Wedding Bouquets

If you don’t want a sparkly dress, but don’t want to miss out on the sparkles altogether, try adding some crystals or beads to your bouquet to add some shimmer. These bouquets are best paired with a plain, minimalist wedding dress. 

You can have your entourage match your bouquet by making a smaller version of yours, especially when they are wearing a more toned-down style of satin bridesmaid dresses. Similar to the button or brooches bouquet, you can go for crystal/jewel only, just be mindful of the sunshine or bright lights blinding you or others. 

Pets In Place Of Bouquets

You might be thinking, that’s a bit odd! Just imagine how much attention you would grab if you and your bridesmaids would be cradling puppies and kittens in place of traditional bouquets! Your photos will forever include your precious fur baby! 

This obviously best works with small animals, so if you can’t take your full-sized dog along, try to get your local shelter to work with you. You may inspire some of your guests to adopt rather than shop for their own furries! Plus, those fur babies, adopted or not, will get a lot of deserved attention! 

Be sure to expend their excess energy by playing with them before so they wouldn’t be too energetic during the ceremony. Be sure to give them a comfortable place to rest when they need it, and be mindful of small children possibly hurting them. 

Giant Balloons

These will add a great pop of color to your photos! They are very minimalistic, despite their size. They will look gorgeous when you and your bridesmaids walk down the aisle! 

They do come with a risk of popping, but get good quality balloons to ensure they last through the long photo sessions. Fill them with helium so they float instead of sinking to the floor. You can always incorporate them into the reception decor once done with them or fill them with different colored glitter and have the single ladies pop them instead of throwing the bouquet. The winner gets the gold glitter!

Traditions Are Great But Due For An Upgrade

The centuries-old bouquet tradition is still being embraced today, and no one seems to be putting an end to it anytime soon. With that being said, more and more brides are looking for ways to upgrade their bouquets to add a unique pop of joy to their wedding. Whether you opt for a more vintage approach with brooches or modern balloons, make sure you choose something memorable that suits your style for your dream day!

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