Apart from when it is pouring rain, you may not give your gutter systems much thought. As an essential part of your roofing system, maintaining your gutters is crucial to keeping your home structurally sound. Water that isn’t properly diverted through your gutters can end up causing extensive damage to your roof, exterior walls, and your foundation.

The most crucial aspect of keeping your roof from sustaining damage is to keep your gutters in good shape. Healthy gutters need to be regularly cleaned, inspected for damage, and secured. Your gutter maintenance should be a regular part of your seasonal maintenance. 

Cleaning out your gutters may not be your favorite household chore, but it is essential that maintenance is done regularly. If you are uncomfortable getting up on a ladder to take care of your gutters yourself, you should call in the professionals like City Seamless Roofing to help you out. Let’s take a few essential gutter maintenance tips that will help you stay on top of your home maintenance.


Many homeowners make the assumption that gutter cleaning is only a priority in the fall. It’s true that autumn is the season where so many leaves fall and potentially create clogs. However, there are many opportunities in all seasons for debris to settle in your gutters and become a hazard. Birds are well-known to build nests in the spring using the protection of a gutter system that can easily create a clog in proper water flow.


If you have a home property where leaves and debris can easily fall into your gutters, you may consider installing a gutter guard system. This steel mesh caging topper is simply installed over your gutter to help block out twigs, branches, and leaves from getting clogged. It also discourages birds, critters, and insects from finding a home in your gutters. A gutter guard system leaves your passages open to allow for proper water flow and is easy to clean with just one swipe along the top.


Every season has bouts of severe weather that can put your gutters to the test. Whether it is the harsh winter whiteouts or severe summer storms, your gutter system can be easily damaged during any time of the year. It is important to do a full inspection of your gutter system at the beginning of each season. Make sure that each of your troughs is leak and crack-free and secured tightly to your home.


The downspouts of your gutter system are the most important means of protection for your landscaping and foundation. It is critical that your downspouts are situated in the right position to ensure that water flow is aimed away from your foundation. Make certain that all of your downspouts are facing away from your foundation and directing water from your roof safely away from your home.

Gutter maintenance is not everyone’s favorite chore, but it is an important part of keeping your roof and home structurally sound. Follow these tips to help you keep your gutter system clean and in the best shape to protect your home and family. 

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