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Harry Potter Butterbeer Hot Cocoa

Butterbeer Hot Cocoa

Course Drinks
Servings 1


  • 2 cups milk
  • 1 oz grated chocolate
  • 2 tbsp butterscotch chips
  • dash butter toffee coffee creamer
  • whipped cream


  1. Heat two cups of milk on the stovetop.

  2. Slowly add grated chocolate to the pot and stir to melt.

  3. Add a few butterscotch chips at a time and stir to melt. Avoid letting them stick to the bottom of your pan.

  4. Let homemade hot cocoa sit for a couple of minutes before pouring into a mug.

  5. Add a dash of butter toffee creamer for an extra buttery taste.

  6. Top with whipped cream and add a few butterscotch chips.

  7. Enjoy your homemade butterbeer hot cocoa!