Why Email Invitations Are Becoming The New Trend

Over the past years, a big portion of the event planning industry has turned digital. The coming in of more advanced technology has made it possible to switch to this convenient and eco-friendly alternative. 

Paper invitations are creative, memorable, and nice to have. But the truth is, they do nothing more than that. Chances are, right after your event, these invitations will end up in the dumpster. So, if online invitations can serve the same function as paper invitations do, why not make that switch to this better alternative?

Thankfully, online or email invitations no longer have to feel so tacky. There are many online software that can make email invitations that are just as elegant as physical ones. 

That said, here are good reasons why email invitations are the way to go:

  1. Saves You Money

Hosting a party can be quite costly, especially if you’re going to have many guests. Every single expense will keep adding up. So, if there’s a way for you to pinch a few pennies on some aspects of the party, then go for it. One area where you can save is on the invitations.

Paper invitations are expensive since it’s not just like printing an ordinary document. The colors have to be vivid and the quality great. If you also have a very intricate design, all the more that it’s going to be very costly. 

Another aspect of the expense that you can save on is the mailing. You may have some guests that don’t live in your state, hence you have to pay extra for the mailing. Digital invitations, on the other hand, will not cost you on this aspect. 

Lastly, a majority of your guests are just going to throw them out anyway, which is basically throwing money down the drain. Opting for email invitations is so much cheaper, some of which you can even have for free.

  1. Enables You To Design Like A Pro

If you don’t have the creativity of an expert designer, creating your email invitations through an online software, such as greenvelope.com, is the way to go. This way, you don’t have to do much in terms of the manual design process. All you’ve got to do is put together the entire invitation by choosing through pre-made themes and add-ons for customization.

You can have invitations that look as if they’ve been made by a professional. Plus, after you’ve chosen all the design elements that you desire, it won’t take you days to come up with the entire design process as the software does it for you.

If you love a good DIY project, then online invitations are definitely the way to go for you.

  1. Easier To Access And Send

Most people no longer go through a physical phone book today. In fact, you may not even know the exact address of many of your family members and friends. How are you going to send your invitations to those that live far away? Fortunately, online invitations offer a more accessible alternative.

Through online invitations, you’ll only have to go through your email contacts list. With a few clicks, you can immediately send all your invitations. This also takes away the need for you to physically mail the invites. 

  1. Helps The Planet

If you can do any change in your lifestyle to become more environment-friendly, choose this way of life. When it comes to party-planning, there are many single-use paper or plastic products that you can do without, such as paper invitations.

Why send out paper invitations when you can do so through your email? Many individuals today don’t even bother keeping the invitations they receive. After your event or after they’ve responded to your RSVP, many are just going to throw your invitations away. 

When you’re inviting many guests, those pieces of paper will add up. Through online invitations, you’re able to save some trees. 

  1. Easier To Double-Check

Sending email invitations are easier to double-check than physical ones. You can even monitor the status of your mails through your email. That way, you can immediately check to verify whether everyone on your list has received your email. Otherwise, you can immediately re-send to those that remained on your Outbox.

Additionally, with email invitations, it’s easier for your guests to respond to your RSVP since there’s a button in the invitation that allows for this option. Early on, you’re able to keep track of who’s coming and who isn’t.

With paper invitations, there’s a tendency that many will skip out on the RSVP. Either they forget to do so or they deliberately ignore your request for one. This isn’t the case for online invitations as the option is directly provided to them with just a few clicks.

  1. Reduces A Lot Of Stress

Party planning is fun but it can also be very stressful. The list of things to do will keep adding up and it’s easy for you to lose track of important matters.

For example, with paper invitations, there’s the designing, printing, decorating, obtaining of addresses, delivering, performing follow-ups, and then finalizing the RSVP. In the sea of other responsibilities that you have to complete, all this stress will add up.

In email invitations, a lot of this physical work and stress is reduced. The list of things to do gets narrowed down since tasks are now automated. In fact, with a good invitation software, you can create, design, and then send all the invitations within a day, cutting down work that you would’ve otherwise had to do.

More so, it’s easier to manage everything from your guest lists, such as the seating arrangement and other matters of your party, when you don’t have to go through a physical list. Automating tasks simplifies the entire process to a great extent. 


Online invitations have now become better than paper. From convenience to cost-savings and even to being more eco-friendly, there are many reasons why you should consider using email or online invitations. Whether it’s a small party and even for a big wedding, online invitations are the norm. 

If you’re hosting a party soon, go ahead and get started with designing your very own online invitations.


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