Ways to Encourage Family and Friends to go Vegan

Did you know that most vegans chose to be vegans because they took an interest in the vegan lifestyle of a friend or a family? While it could be very tempting to target only a specific set of meat eaters, various surveys show that the most crucial step that encourages friends and family to choose veganism is talking about it honestly and opening up. 

A great way to create an avenue for dialogue is by sharing delicious vegan meals and inviting them over to watch documentaries like Cowspiracy, What the Health, and Live & Let Live that dive into the topic of veganism in a fun, engaging, and fact-filled manner. 

Yet, people often find it difficult to talk about going vegan because it is a lifestyle choice mired in controversy and not easy to maintain. 

One of the biggest stereotypes vegans have to fight against when propagating veganism is that they are self-righteous people who police others’ choices than empathize, educate and encourage them. 

Here are some friendly yet effective tips for breaking that stereotype, initiating a healthy conversation around veganism, and getting your friends and family interested in the movement. 

Do Your Research and Know Your Facts

“How do you get enough protein?” “How do vegans get enough iron from their food?” These are some of the many questions a vegan has encountered when socializing. So, to ensure that you produce factually correct information, do your research. 

Vegans need to source their required nutrients from a plant-based diet; hence, they may need to intake different amounts of certain foods. When you do your research, you will have factual answers ready and be able to provide relevant information without bias.

A Day Trip to the Sanctuary

Family time and educating people about animals – what is better than a fun day out with your friends and family to an animal sanctuary? It is important that people establish a connection with animals and ponder on what they choose to bring to their table. A visit to an animal sanctuary will give them first-hand experience with the cruelty that animals face, so we get our share of dairy and meat. 

Be a Conversation Starter

Vegans are often questioned about their food choices. So why not use it to your advantage?

Instead of being frustrated, explain calmly why you have chosen a diet devoid of animal products and their benefits. 

Let Your Food Speak for You

Food ties us all together. We rejoice when it is plentiful, and it becomes even more delicious when we have good company. One fail-safe approach when introducing a non-vegan to a plant-based palette is to present them with a fantastic meal. 

Have your friends come over to taste vegan delicacies like vegan mac and cheese, quesadillas, lasagna, and cauliflower fried rice. You can choose from these amazing vegan dinner recipes and pleasantly surprise your guests with a burst of flavors and textures – something that most people don’t associate with vegan food. If you’d rather order some lip-smacking vegan food, there are plenty of great options, such as vegan food meal prep delivery by Fitness Muscle Meals.

Remember, it all starts with helping people understand what it’s truly like to be a vegan and have their myths around veganism busted. 

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