Valentine’s Day with Family – Here are 9 Fun Ideas To Make a Memorable Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is dedicated to love. The celebration is not only meant for the lovers alone. You can celebrate this day of love with your family and friends too. The 14th of February is centered around flowers, chocolates, dinner dates, and many other ways to express your love to others. 

There are many ways to celebrate this day with your family. Take some cues from the below-listed ideas, and we promise you will not get disappointed. 

A Chocolate and Cookie Moment 

Start the Valentine’s Day celebration by sharing something sweet and savory among your family members. It could be anything, a box of chocolates, Valentine’s cookie boxes, a piece of cake, and other desserts. Wrap the box of cookies beautifully in a red ribbon to make the gift all the more presentable. 

Make Valentine’s Day Card 

If you want to put an extra effort while expressing your love to your dad, mom, or sister, why not make a Valentine’s Day card and gift them? A beautiful DIY Valentine’s Day car will be the best gift ever. Make sure you pen down all the sweet wishes and express your feelings on the handwritten card. Your family members will love the gesture. 

Plan a Game Night 

You can make Valentine’s evening full of fun by planning a game night. It will also give you a chance to unplug from the technology and spend quality time with your loved ones. You may choose from any fun games, from board games to dumb charades and a musical chair race. 

Bake a Cake 

Kitchen chores often bring a family together. Thus, why not plan to bake a cake with your loved ones? Nothing beats this decadent chocolate dessert. This fun activity lets everyone spend enough time with their family, hence a good idea to cook and celebrate the day of love together. 

Do an Outdoor Activity 

If you do not want to spend Valentine’s Day at home, plan an outdoor activity with your parents and siblings. You can choose any adventure activity – skiing, hiking, ice skating, and even camping. 

Watch a Movie 

There is nothing better than cozying up on the couch with all your family members and watching a relaxing movie together. The plan of a movie night never fails. It requires minimum preparations. All you need to do is decide on the movie you want to watch, grab some chips and popcorn and watch it in dim lights. 

Dance Party for the Immense Fun 

Another wonderful idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a lot of fun is to turn up the music and dance. You can plan a home dance party with all your family members. Play the classic ballads and tap your feet together. Do not forget to capture the fun images of this celebration. 

Sing in a Karaoke Night 

If you and your family members are more into singing than dancing, it is the best idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Turn up the karaoke and let everyone sing the song on the mic. The idea of a musical night will make everyone move and groove while having a lot of fun. 

Make the Kids Feel Special 

There is a special excitement for Valentine’s Day among the kids. Thus, why not make an extra effort for your little ones? Let them decide the perfect way to celebrate this day. Involve them in all the activities to make them feel special. Cook their favorite food and dessert and create fun memories with them.


We hope that the above-listed ideas help you carry out the best Valentine’s Day celebration. May you have a lot of fun. 

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