Top 7 Reasons to Own a Water Park Season Pass


7 Reasons to own a Water Park Season Pass

Our family loves visiting our local Hawaiian Falls water park.  The best way to cool down during the summer season is by swimming.  I love owning a season pass so we can visit as many times as we want and have the ability to just pop-in whenever we get a couple of hours of free time.  Owning a water park season pass was a huge benefit to our family last year and we cannot wait to take advantage of it again this summer.  Below are just some of the reasons why you should own a water park season pass.

Top 7 Reasons to Own a Water Park Season Pass

  • Beat the heat – in Texas it gets hot. Heading out to splash at our local water park is the best way to cool down during the summer. Plus, what’s summer without swimming? We try to visit our local Hawaiian Falls once a week.
  • Avoid the crowds – going to the water park as soon as they open and staying for a couple of hours, then leaving by lunch or arriving at 4pm and staying until they close at 6 or 7pm is an easy way to try and avoid the crowds. When you own a season pass you can visit the water park as often as you like and stay for as little of time as you wish. No need to worry about spending the entire day to get your money’s worth out of an one day ticket.  When the kids are tired, go home.  Lines are too long for the big slides?  Spend time in the wave pool and come back later.
  • Wear out the kids – school is out, which is grand. I love spending time with my kids. However, without their daily PE class at school they can develop some lazier habits during the summer. By going to the water park they wear themselves out, literally. They sleep so well at night after a day of swimming and fun in the sun. Then, the house is even more peaceful.
  • Boredom buster“I’m bored!” As parents, we’ve all heard it. Own a season pass to your local water park? Pile them in the car for a quick trip to swim and exercise out their boredom without any additional expense. Heck, even as mom I get bored if I’m stuck in the house for too many days. I love that by owning a season pass we can have continuous fun throughout the summer without spending more money.
  • Swimming exposure – often younger kids are scared of water and fear learning to swim. Usually this stems from lack of exposure to positive pool experiences. By regularly visiting your local water park they can slowly start to explore. The lazy river is my favorite part of the park. You can float along with your child or let them practice swimming in the three-foot deep water. Make swimming exciting so they are encouraged to learn to swim, which is an essential skill – for safety reasons!
  • More bang for your buck – by purchasing a water park season pass you can visit unlimited times throughout the summer season. This usually pays for itself within three visits. An average season pass is the price of 2.5 visits. Always search for coupons for a discount on your season pass or buy family passes together for a group discount. Some water parks are open for 15 weeks!
  • Discounts – our local water park provides coupon booklets with the purchase of a season pass. Inside the booklet is coupons for Bring A Friend Free, Discount Friend Tickets, Free Cotton Candy, Free Drinks and more. The discounts add up to equal more than the cost of the season pass. Last summer we had coupons leftover!

 Full Disclosure: Our family has a partnership with Hawaiian Falls and has received passes this season.  Last year we purchased our season passes and visit the park because we love it.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Which water park is local to your family? Do your kids love to swim?

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