Tinsel Answers Interview Questions at Breaking Dawn Convention

Tinsel Korey, Sam's Girlfriend in Twilight, New Moon, Twilight Saga, Wolf Girl, Breaking Dawn Part 2 Interview

Tinsel Korey
Role: Emily – Sam’s girlfriend
AKA: Wolf Girl

Tinsel Korey took stage at the Official Twilight Convention for Breaking Dawn Part 1 to share with the audience about her experience filming the role for her character, Emily. She made the whole audience stand up and stretch out then do a little dance. It was entertaining to see her work the room and warm up to everyone so quickly. Her lively personality really shined when she was on stage.

Breaking Dawn, Twilight Saga Convention, Tinsel KoreyThe last scene Tinsel filmed for the Twilight Saga was the beach scene from Breaking Dawn Part 1. The wolf pack was hanging out on the beach and Jacob was upset while guessing what the Cullen family would tell Charlie that happened to Bella after she became a vampire. Tinsel shared this was not only her last scene to film but also her favorite. She said it was perfect to have everyone together, laughing and having fun even if it was freezing cold.

Tinsel loves comedies and working on music. She hopes to pursue a future in music just as much as in her acting career. She enjoys being active on Twitter and hosts random Twitter dance parties online.

Tinsel also takes nutrition and her healthy lifestyle seriously. She even runs a Wolf Girl Bootcamp online using a Twitter account for sharing health and nutritional advice from her trainer. Tinsel is very hands-on with the account and has the tweets set to private to keep it as a form of a community instead of a fan club. She vets all accounts that are interested in following and only accepts those that will find the information useful and take part. If this is something of interest to you then you can request access at @WolfGirlBC.

Celebrity Crush

Paul Walker

If you were a Superhero which one would you be? Which Villain?

Wonder Woman or Marcus from the Volturi

If you were a shape shifter which animal would you want to change into?


Of all the other roles in the Twilight Saga, which role besides Emily would you want to play?


Do you feel sorry for Leah’s character since she is still in love with Sam although he imprinted on you?

No! Relationships end, people break up, it wasn’t meant to be. She needs to get over it already and move on. He’s mine now.

The audience kept asking funny questions like ‘which dessert would you be‘ so when Guri joined the audience while Tinsel was on stage he asked: which veggie would you be?

Celery because you burn calories eating it

What is one thing you always dreamed of having since you were little?

I always wanted a pony and recently was gifted a horse. Now I dream of a castle…


Playing the Wii, specifically Mario Bros.

At the Vampire Ball Tinsel mingled with all the fans. I was impressed with the fact she took time out to teach all the younger girls how to do the Dougie dance. She joined girls of all ages on the dance floor having a great time. Some of the other celebrities danced and they all shared conversations with random fans in attendance but Tinsel was the one that truly spent quality time interacting with the fans just as normal. You would have never guessed she was a celebrity. I know T made memories dancing with her that she’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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