Thor: Ragnarok Spoiler Free Movie Review

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Thanks to Disney and Marvel Studios I was invited to attend the red carpet premiere of THOR: Ragnarok. Beyond the press event and red carpet experience, I had the chance to see the new Marvel film before it releases on November 3rd. I’m excited to finally share my thoughts on the new Thor movie with you! Read my full THOR: Ragnarok spoiler-free movie review below.

THOR: Ragnarok Spoiler Free Movie Review

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Is THOR: Ragnarok a Comedy or Action Film?

If you enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy and previous Thor movies, then you’ll love THOR: Ragnarok. It’s a nice mesh between the two movie styles. I will admit that I lean more towards preferring action over comedy in my superhero films. If you have seen the movie trailer then you know it is no spoiler to say that Thor finds himself captured, without his hammer and being forced into a lethal gladiatorial fight.

Hela from THOR: Ragnarok
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With the survival of the Asgardian civilization resting on his shoulders, I was a little shocked to see Thor being light-hearted and making jokes within the first scene of the movie. My first reaction was “this is kind of cheesy”. Chris Hemsworth’s character is so solemn and serious in all the other films. Even when it showed him with his love interest, Jane, his character was pretty straight-forward. In the Avenger films, he is filled with so much determination that we do not get the chance to see this other side of him.

At the end of the day, the comedy works. To me THOR: Ragnarok has a higher level of action than Guardians of the Galaxy with a steady mix of comedy throughout the movie. Taika Waititi did an amazing job directing this film and giving the actors a chance to show their true potential. We see more depth to Thor’s character than ever before and you will be pleased.

Plus, you’ll walk away repeating the coined phrase ‘Friends from Work!’ along with many others.

Is THOR: Ragnarok Worth the Price of Admission?

The simple answer is, yes! With the increased price of admission at movie theaters, it can get pretty expensive. After our family of six sees a movie, the amount we spend on tickets could buy three Blu-ray copies of the same movie when it releases for home viewing. Although going to our local theater for entertainment is one of our family’s favorite pastimes, we are selective with which movies we spend money on.

This film is not one you want to watch for the first time at home while messing with your phone or working on your laptop. You will not want any distractions while watching THOR: Ragnarok. Too much happens! In almost every scene there is either a new character development or a plot twist you didn’t see coming.

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Not only do I recommend seeing THOR: Ragnarok in theaters, I highly suggest you splurge for the XD upgrade. The graphics are sharper, the colors are enhanced, and the sound is amazing in the XD theater. Some theaters offer free XD upgrade on specific showtimes, contact your local theater to find out. The special effects and graphics team stepped up their game in this film. Thor travels between colorful worlds.

Am I Ready to See THOR: Ragnarok?

As mentioned above, a lot transpires in this Marvel film. If you’ve never seen a Marvel movie before, you can still enjoy THOR: Ragnarok thanks to all the action and new characters introduced. However, to fully understand the beginning plot and the backstory of the main characters you will want to see these previous four Marvel films:

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If you have seen the above Thor and Avengers movies, I suggest rewatching THOR: The Dark World and AVENGERS: Age of Ultron again. THOR: Ragnarok picks up two years after AVENGERS: Age of Ultron leaves off. There is a lot of reference to that movie and you will not understand several crucial parts to this film if you haven’t seen it.

New THOR: Ragnarok Characters and Plot Twists

So many new characters! We are introduced to the Valkyrie and Grandmaster. Marvel’s first female villain to grace the big screen, Hela played by Cate Blanchett, is marvelously done. 

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You will not want to take your eyes off the screen for fear of missing something. Then after it is over, you’ll want to watch it again.

Is THOR: Ragnarok Family Friendly?

My youngest is 11-years-old and my oldest is 20. Our entire family has been counting down the days for THOR: Ragnarok to release in theaters on November 3rd. With that being said, my kids have seen all the Marvel films and love them. THOR: Ragnarok has a lot of action. It is not gory and there are no love scenes. There are a couple of emotional scenes that some children may find sad.

Fellow blogger, Bert from First Time Mom, writes her review with elementary-aged children in mind. If you have younger children I suggest reading her review before making your decision. 

Calling all Hulk Fans!

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This movie may be called THOR: Ragnarok but Mark Ruffalo plays a major part. You see more Hulk scenes in this film than any other Marvel movie yet. In the previous Avenger movies, we see Bruce Banner more than the Hulk. Not this time! Not only do we get more face time with the Hulk, his character has developed to a whole new level. He talks and has a personality beyond anger. 

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I’m not sure if it is because we see so much more of the Hulk but I felt like his graphics were more detailed. You could see more of a resemblance of Bruce Banner in his face and mannerisms. If you are not already a huge fan of the Hulk, you will be after watching THOR: Ragnarok.

See THOR: Ragnarok in theaters on November 3, 2017. You can buy your movie tickets now and with most theaters offering reserved seating nowadays, I highly recommend not waiting.

What Happened to Thor’s Hair?!

Just wait and see… As you can tell from the photos above, Thor has his long locks in some scenes and his new short do in others. All I will say is, you’ll get to experience the monumental event on screen.


  1. You know I never thought I would like Marvel movies but, now I’m hooked. I can’t wait to see this movie! That had to be awesome being able to see the screening beforehand. I think I’ve falling in love with THOR….lol I love the action that is packed within these movies, keeps me on my seat every time. Great post!

  2. This is a great review. We are looking forward to going to see THOR: Ragnarok as soon as it is playing in town.

  3. I have been so excited to see THOR: Ragnarok since they announced they were making it. I have been watching the trailer for it over and over.

  4. This is one of the movies that I have been looking forward to see! Thor is one of my favorite characters from the storylines.

  5. My husband is so stoked to see this movie. I do adore the Hulk but I haven’t seen all of the other Thor movies, though. I am wondering if I should see them first maybe?

  6. I have seen the trailer for this movie and I like that there is some comedy in it. I’ll have to make sure to watch the other movies before I see this one.

  7. This is a movie that I haven’t heard of yet. It looks like something my son would be surer into. I’m sure he’ll be asking to see it soon.

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