The Only Housewarming Party Hosting Guide You Need

Moving from one house to another is always tricky and exhausting. You also do not know your neighbours and other people living around at the new place. 

However, this is not a problem that does not have a solution.

The initial days after your move may be very tiring. You will want to unpack all your stuff and get the whole place up and running as soon as possible. After you are done with the unpacking and setting of the new site, you can consider hosting a housewarming party.

It is a great way to invite your neighbours, get to know them and break the ice. You can also invite your friends and family to show them the new place. 

So, how do you get started? What tips to keep in mind?

Before you get overwhelmed with such questions, read this article. 

We have mentioned important tips that will help you plan your house warming party the right way. 

Keep It Simple

While planning a housewarming, you should keep things simple and not worry about all the details. Even your guests will be aware that you have moved in recently, so they will not expect an elaborate hosting from you.

You need to decide whom you are inviting to your housewarming and the timing. Is it going to be an only adults get-together, or are you inviting families? 

An afternoon get-together will be more casual rather than an evening get-together. If you have children, you should ask families; this will help the children have a good time and know each other well.

Easy Snacks

Before deciding the time for the get-together, you should determine the menu you will be serving. The menu generally chooses the theme and time of any function.

You can consider hosting an afternoon tea party (after lunch and before dinner). This will help minimize your efforts. All you need to serve is tea, juice, and cookies; they are easy to prepare.

Don’t forget to gift your guests something cute before leaving as a token of appreciation for taking out time and visiting your home. Chocolate bouquets can be a great option. 

Simple Invitations

You should keep the invites simple. The best way to invite your neighbours is simply by speaking to them. If you want to send an invite, then make small invites and drop them at their place. 

If you have children, you could ask them to deliver the invitations to the neighbour’s place. This will help them know the neighbours. You should inform people about timings between which they can visit your place. 

This will help minimize the fuss.

Clean it Up

You would have cleaned your new place before moving in. However, when you move in, there is a lot of trash that accumulates after unpacking. You need to make sure that you clean all the empty boxes, other waste and organize your place.

Your guests may ask for a tour of the new place. You need to make your beds, arrange your clothes in the cupboard, and declutter the living spaces.

Arrange the Party Area

You should set up three to four areas in your house to which the guests can have access. As this will be an informal event, you can ask your guests to help themselves. For that, you need to set up everything before the guests arrive.

  • Set up an area where your guests can leave their umbrellas or coats.
  • Decide a place where you will be serving the food and drinks.
  • Create a seating area where the guests can sit and have a comfortable chat.

Final Word

Moving to a new place is always tricky. It is even more challenging to make new friends in the locality. However, this does not mean that you cannot create new friends. It might take some time, but you surely will make outstanding bonds with the people around you.

We hope that the tips mentioned above will help!

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