The Importance of Sending Invitations

In today’s digital landscape, physical invitations are no longer the norm. With persistent connectivity, consumers can invite a friend or a family member to an event in a matter of seconds on their smartphone or on social media. Whilst this may improve speed and efficiency, it lacks the personal touch of a physical invitation. 

Let’s take a look at why this may be the best option for your next event. 

To set the tone of the event

There is nothing worse than misinterpreting the tone of an event and arriving underdressed or overdressed. With a physical invitation, you can not only establish whether it is a formal or informal event but what you should wear, what you should bring, and what type of food is likely to be served. This can allow your guests to plan ahead and organize any alternative arrangements before the big day. For example, if you are hosting a Halloween party, your invitation must state clearly whether guests are expected to dress up as their favourite spooky character or if it is due to be a low-key affair. If you are hosting a formal business dinner, on the other hand, you must clarify the dress code ahead of time to give guests time to prepare. 

To make it personal 

A personalised invitation is a great way to let your guests know you would appreciate their presence at your event. It can also boost your chances of receiving a positive response with guests more likely to attend if they feel as if their company would be valued by hosts and fellow guests. It is a common myth that only handwritten invitations can be personal. If you are planning to invite a large number of guests or just want to ensure your invitations stand out from the crowd, there are several online invitation builders that allow you to upload your own custom design or choose from a wide range of basic templates. Online invitations are also environmentally friendly and less likely to clutter your mailbox. There are several online platforms available to help you shop the widest range of online invitations for your next event. 

To be informative

In order for your event to run as smoothly as possible, guests must be equipped with as much information as possible. An invitation is a perfect opportunity to inform your guests of any must-know details ahead of the big day. For example, you must include whether or not you expect your guests to adhere to a particular dress code, if they should bring their own food, if the venue benefits from space for parking, and if children are permitted for the duration of the event. This information can be included in a series of bullet points or short sentences so your guests can be informed but not overwhelmed. Invitations can also be tailored to each individual guest. If a particular attendee is responsible for food, lighting, or decorations, the invitation can be a great place to remind them of these duties.

To be memorable 

Invitations must be memorable. By sending a quick message on social media, it is unlikely to leave a lasting impression on your guest. You may even disregard an event invitation as span or junk mail. Event pages on social media can quickly become inundated with messages from attendees asking questions or queries or solidifying key details. This can lead to guests missing important information, mixing up the date or time of the event, or even deciding to leave the page and abandon the event altogether. By receiving a physical invitation, you can decide to cherish it as a keepsake of the event for years, or even decades, to come. 

To create a sense of anticipation 

If you are planning to host a major event, such as a wedding or a party to celebrate a milestone birthday, an invitation sent months in advance can create a sense of anticipation. This can also allow your guests to organize what they are going to wear, how they will travel to and from the venue, what they are going to bring, and what food they are likely to order. When the big day rolls around, you can relax knowing you have given your guests ample time to prepare in anticipation of the event. An invitation can also be a great way to plan ahead for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise such as bad weather or supply issues. 

With consumers able to communicate with their loved ones at the touch of a button on their smartphone or on social media, physical invitations have lost their charm. But they are still chosen by event organizers and hosts all over the world for several reasons. For example, they can set the tone of the event, make it personal, be informative, and create a sense of anticipation for guests. 

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