How to Set Up for Summer Backyard Games

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The best thing about living in the country is having a big yard! We love hosting family and friends over for fun. However, you do not need a huge plot of land to set up your summer backyard games. Take your family fun outdoors with our tips.

How to Set Up for Summer Backyard Games

how to set up backyard games

Depending on how much space you have available to you, you can play one or multiple games at a time. You can set up backyard game stations to occupy multiple people at the same time. There are many backyard games on the market you can purchase or you can make your own. See our tips below!

Backyard Fun Refreshment Stand

backyard games refreshment table

When hosting outdoor fun, always set up a refreshment station. Keep everyone hydrated with lots of water and serve the best summer treats. We love Sonic Drive-in here in Texas and we were beyond excited when the new Sonic Slush Pops arrived at our Walmart.

They make the perfect fun-in-the-sun treat.

Aerial View of Backyard Games

When you are playing outside with the family, a popsicle is the best way to cool down. So far we have tried the Cherry Limeade flavor and loved them! 

Sonic Cherry Limeade Slushed Pops

holding a Sonic slushed pop

Sonic Slush Pops come in three flavors so far: Ocean Water, Cherry Limeade, and Strawberry Lemonade. I am keeping my eye out for the Ocean Water and Strawberry Lemonade. Ocean Water is my favorite drink to order at Sonic Drive-in and Strawberry Lemonade is my favorite refreshment to make at home. I’ll have to hide some from my kids in the back of my freezer.

You can find Sonic Slush Pops at Walmart and HEB. They are located in the freezer aisle alongside other popsicles for less than $3 a box! Find Sonic Slush Pops near you.

Sonic Cherry Limeade Slushed Pops

To keep your freshments cold outside, fill an ice bucket or use a cooler. Since I knew the Sonic Slush Pops would go fast, they didn’t have time to melt. I do recommend you setup your refreshment stand in the shade, if possible.

Fun Backyard Games

While at Walmart picking up your refreshments, check their outdoor game section. They have so many fun family games you can set up to play. 

Life-Size Party Pong

This family-friendly party pong game can easily be recreated by using sand pails or any other large size inexpensive buckets you can find. Each side needs six buckets and one ball. You could also use a beanbag if you have it.

Once a player gets the ball inside the bucket on the opposite side, you remove that bucket from play. This makes it a little more challenging since there is now an open area for the ball to land. The player or team that gets their ball in all of the opposite buckets first, wins. Surprisingly, my kids were much better at this game than I was. 

Life-Size Jenga

You can easily craft your own life-size tumbling block game by cutting and sanding blocks of wood from a 2×4. Your local hardware store may even cut the wood down to size for you at a low cost or at no additional charge when buying the wood there.

We love playing this game and when it is windy outside, it adds an extra level of challenge! My kids made the rule that if the tower gets blown over after your turn but before the other person touches it, they still lose. Hands-off means turn over. As long as it is stable when you finish. I’m not sure I agree with their logic since it meant I lost, but hey it was still fun.

As you can see we all loved our Sonic Slush Pops as much as playing backyard games.

What is your favorite summer treat?

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