Sandwich Thins: Low Carb Bun Alternative

The day Subway started offering flatbread my husband and I both rejoiced. And, the day I noticed Sandwich Thins in the grocery store I couldn’t help myself: I knew we HAD to try these. Regular bread is boring, and hoagie buns and hamburger buns just have too. much. bread. Now we’re using Sandwich Thins for sandwiches, burgers, and even mini pizzas!

While I’ve found Sandwich Thins in several stores, no one seems to have the selection that WalMart carries. They’re easy to find, cause they’re with the buns (they should be!) and not with the bagels and English muffins like they are at Kroger. (ahem) All the brands I’ve seen are free of High Fructose Corn Syrup, and are either wheat, multi-grain, or whole grain. They really are the healthy alternative to a hamburger bun.

I think even better than having less carbs than a regular bun, there’s just less of them. Period. I hate biting into a sandwich and getting a whole mouthful of bun and very little fixin’s. Even my kiddo likes the Sandwich Thins and acts like they’re some kind of treat. He’ll eat a plain cheese or peanut butter sandwich on them. They really are tasty!

Check out my shopping experience and how I made today’s lunch-on-the-go easy with Sandwich Thins!

More check-ins at Walmart Supercenter #148
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Has your family tried Sandwich Thins? What brand do you like and where do you buy them?

Disclaimer: This shopping trip and post were sponsored by Collective Bias and written by me, Erica Mueller. A big thanks to Dwan for allowing me to post here!!


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