Mickey Mouse Christmas Ornament

If you love all things Mickey Mouse, you will love this easy to create Mickey Mouse holiday ornament. With just three bulbs you can create the famous profile of Mickey, perfect for hanging on your tree or gifting to a Disney fanatic in your life. Plus it’s super easy to make with the kids!

DIY Mickey Mouse Ornament

Take a peek below at how you can get started crafting your own.

Supplies needed:

craft ornament supplies

  • 1 medium sized ornament bulb
  • 2 identical small sized ornament bulbs
  • Hot glue, glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon for hanging
  • Marker

Feel free to use a color combo that works for you. We chose red, but if you want you can use black or any other color that suits your décor.


1. Begin by creating two small dots on the top of your ornament where you want to attach the ears. This will help you place them on easily and evenly.

2. Add a dab of glue to the side of the smaller ornaments. Press them on the dots you created to act as ears. As you place them, keep in mind that the top of the small ornaments (where the hooks would go) to the back so they are not seen.

Disney Christmas ornament

3. Cut a length of ribbon and tie it to the top of the newly crafted ornament. Choose a color that compliments it and it sturdy enough for hanging.

See how simple that was? Your Mickey Mouse ornament is now ready to be hung.

Mickey Mouse Christmas Ornament

Gather your supplies and give this easy and inexpensive Disney themed holiday craft a try!

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