Letter to Santa in an Ornament

It is a family tradition to make a new ornament every year. What better way to commemorate your child’s magical wishes than with this Letter to Santa in an Ornament? This tutorial is so simple even the kids can make it! Plus, it looks adorable on your tree. If you need more DIY Christmas ornament ideas, check out this list of over 50!

Letter to Santa in an ornament

What you will need:

  1. Round ornament blank (can find at dollar tree)
  2. Scissors
  3. Faux snow
  4. Faux Christmas pine
  5. Red and white Christmas twine or other thin ribbon
  6. Hot glue gun
  7. Santa letter and tag printable

Step 1:

Print and cut the letter to Santa letter and tag cutting along the edge of the design.

Step 2:

Poke a small hole in the “dear Santa” tag to later string through the twine and around the letter.

Step 3:

Roll the Santa letter as a scroll. Use the twine and begin to tie it around the scrolled letter. Once it is tied enough to hold its shape, add the tag and finish off with the two “bunny ear” loops of the bow. Cut off the ends.

Step 4:

Create a funnel using the scraps of the printable to add the faux snow inside the ornament.

Step 5:

Add a small clipping of faux or real if you prefer, Christmas greenery.

Step 6:

Carefully insert the rolled letter to Santa with tag. The faux snow will help hold the letter in place from sliding around.

Step 7:

Once everything is placed to your liking, add some hot glue inside the metal cap of the ornament to seal it closed.

Final Product

Once you have your ornament glued its ready to hang on the tree. 

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