Interview with Spencer Allport – Perfect Harmony on NBC

Have you watched the new comedy on NBC – Perfect Harmony? I have been watching since the original premiere and have loved the first season so far. Now is the time to play catch up on Hulu! Then join me on Thursday, January 9th at 9:30 pm ET to watch the next episode and tweet live with the cast. They love to engage with the fans of the show on Twitter and I’ll be tweeting along while watching.

I know I share a lot of interviews and behind the scenes on various movies and television shows, but this interview is extra special to me. I am honored to call Spencer Allport’s mom a friend for many years now. I met Spencer when he was much younger back in the spring of 2011. It has been exciting for me to see how much he has grown and into such a good young actor. I cannot wait to see what his next roles will be!

Perfect Harmony NBC

Perfect Harmony on NBC

When former Princeton music professor Arthur Cochran unexpectedly stumbles into choir practice at a small-town church, he finds an oddball group of singers that is out of tune in more ways than one. Despite the ultimate clash of sensibilities, Arthur and his newfound cohorts, including temporary choirmaster Ginny, her ex, Wayne, vocal powerhouse Adams, gentle giant Dwayne, the impossibly upbeat Reverend Jax and more, may just be the perfect mix of individuals to help each other reinvent and rediscover a little happiness… just when they all need it most.

Interview with Spencer Allport

Spencer Allport on Perfect Harmony

Spencer plays the role of Cash, the son of Ginny and Wayne – a couple that is currently learning how to navigate life being separated.

Landing the Role as Cash on Perfect Harmony

Although numerous people told him the struggles many upcoming actors face trying to land roles in Hollywood, he was amazed at how quickly he earned his place on Perfect Harmony. It took five auditions with different people to land the role of Cash. First, he met with the casting directors and then he got to meet with Bradley Whitford and Jason Winer, then more producers. The process may be long but it was well worth it!

If you have been following the series so far then you had the pleasure of seeing Spencer sing during the Thanksgiving episode. You can purchase the soundtrack on Amazon, Spotify, or iTunes. On the episode airing January 9th, Cash gets the spotlight with a new song that Spencer is very excited to share and I cannot wait!

If you could sing any song on the show, what would it be and why?

Someone asked me this once and I said Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra, something a bit more modern would be Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake.

From the existing cast members, who would you like to do a duet with?

I think Shanice, who plays Leanne, has a wonderful voice and she’s also fun to hang out with. I don’t know what song we could sing together but I’d like to sing something with her. 

What has been the best part of your experience on Perfect Harmony?

Being able to hang out with some of the celebrities and be able to take part in something important that people like a lot.

What is a normal day on set look like?

Usually, my mom and I get there and go to the breakfast truck. Then I get into my wardrobe and hit the hair and makeup trailer. After that I go to school with my teacher Eric. At some point they will be ready for me and I head to set. The day is split up with shooting and school. If you follow the cast on Instagram you can see how we goof off during filming, we have fun.

Which of your co-stars are you closest to?

Definitely Will Greenberg, he plays my dad Wayne. He’s a kid at heart.

Who would be your dream guest star on the show?

Aaron Gordon from the Orlando Magic. I don’t know how they’d make that work but he’s done some acting and I’m a die hard Magic fan so I think they could figure it out for me. They’ve brought sports stars onto other shows.

What do you like to do outside of the show, what are your hobbies?

I like to play basketball, I take every chance available to join basketball camps or clinics when I’m off work. When I’m not playing I’m watching the Orlando Magic play. I know I live in Los Angeles now but at our house we’re Pure Magic!

I hope you join me to tune in and watch this special episode on Thursday, January 9th. Tweet along live with me and the cast by using hashtag #PerfectHarmony on Twitter. Follow me @DwanPerrin and Spencer Allport.

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