Guests Essentials for a Pool Party

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Now that it is summer and the pool is warm enough for swimming, guests have been showing up almost daily. Each weekend we seem to be hosting a pool party for a different occasion. Having a lot of traffic coming and going from our home makes it imperative to be guest-ready. After realizing the top items our guests forget when coming over to swim, I put together this basket of essentials for a pool party. 

Poolside Essentials for Guests

I love entertaining. All of our family and friends know they are welcome any day to come swim. Our grill barely cools down from all the cooking out we do. Our kids love having their friends over to play in the pool and we host outdoor movie nights often. Nothing beats watching a movie while floating in the pool with friends. 

Beyond keeping the pool clean and ready for guests to swim, there are other essentials to keep in mind when entertaining at a pool party.

preparing for guests

I like to keep my bathroom clean, smelling nice with Angel Soft® with Fresh Lavender-Scented Tube, and stocked with guest essentials for a pool party.

The top item most females forget when coming over to swim is a hair tie or hair clip and a pick to manage wet hair after swimming. My niece came over to spend a weekend and her hair got in tangles after all the swimming she did. I now keep extra hair clips and a clean pick on hand for dealing with tangles.

swim party basket

Guest Essentials for a Pool Party

  • Beach Towels
  • Hair Clips or Hair Tie
  • Hair Pick
  • Sunscreen
  • Aloe for Sunburn Care
  • Lotion for After Swimming
  • Sunglasses – inexpensive pairs for guests to borrow
  • Goggles – for in the pool fun

Besides these essential items that I keep in a basket in my bathroom for guests to grab, I also make sure to keep an outdoor rug on the porch to prevent slipping on the concrete when coming in the backdoor with wet feet to use the bathroom.

Fresh Lavender scent toilet paper

With any pool party, our bathroom is used almost as much as our pool is. Between guests changing clothes, to using the toilet, it is important to keep it fresh. Since we spend all of our time outdoors with our guests, it isn’t safe to leave a candle burning inside the house. That is why I love the new Angel Soft® with Fresh Lavender-Scented Tube. The fresh lavender scent is applied directly to the inside of the tube.

Angel Soft Toilet Paper

I love the pretty design and soft texture. The slight lavender scent keeps the bathroom smelling fresh and makes my guests feel right at home.

A basket filled with extra beach towels that are easily accessible to guests is another handy essential when hosting a pool party and don’t forget plenty of water to stay hydrated in the sun.

What is your number one essential for hosting guests for a pool party?

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