Giving Your Daughter a Quinceañera She Won’t Forget

A quinceañera is a party celebrating a girl’s 15th birthday. This tradition has its roots in Latin America and represents a young girl’s transition into womanhood. Hosting a quinceañera for your daughter is your chance to spoil her as it’s a grand party that only happens once in her life. Some families even reportedly spend hundreds of thousands on these parties, especially for families where there’s only one daughter.

If your daughter is approaching her 15th birthday, here are some tips for holding her a quinceañera her friends will surely be jealous of.

Plan earlier than you think

Unlike a typical birthday party, quinceañeras are grand events that require almost a year of planning, depending on the scale. Some families even plan as soon as their daughter turns 13. Ideally, you should start planning a year before the intended date.

Your best bet for a hassle-free planning experience is to hire a party planning service, but before you do, you need to decide on a few things beforehand. What is your budget for the party? How big do you want the event to be? Be realistic with your expectations, as you can’t hold a party for 400 people on a £2,000 budget. Throughout the planning, you should consistently get your daughter’s opinion as this is her big day. She has a right to decide the theme, décor, and all other aspects of the party held in her honour.

Get the perfect dress

Traditionally, the celebrant wears a gown typically expected to be the prettiest gown at the party. Given this, you should book the best designers available to make your daughter’s quinceañera dress. This may take time, especially if you want a fully customized gown instead of one off the rack. It will take even longer if you envision an elaborate piece. Designers will increase their asking price if you rush them, and the quality might not be as good if you force them to work faster. To avoid these, book your appointment months in advance.

Book the ideal venue

Castles and villas are popular quinceañera venues, thanks to their picturesque interiors and exteriors. If you want to be creative, you can choose a venue that reflects your daughter’s interests. For example, if she likes history, there are various heritage sites available for events, and if she likes the beach, you can book a seaside resort. Some quinceañeras also typically start with a mass. If you’re abiding by this tradition, plan the logistics of how you and the other guests can travel between the church and the party venue. It may be best to select a venue close or even within walking distance of the church.

A quinceañera is one of the most important days of your daughter’s life, and it’s only suitable that you give her a party she deserves. Work closely with your events planner to ensure everything is going smoothly before and during the big day. Above all, listen to your daughter. Remember that this is a celebration for her, and you should do everything according to her wishes.

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