Free Printable Garden Journal: Plan Your New Garden This Season

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If you are getting ready to start a garden, this garden planner will help you document every step of the journey. Whether you are a beginner or an expert at growing plants, this printable garden planner will help you map out what you have to do. 

Garden Planner Printable

What’s Inside:

  • Garden chores: This will help you create recurring tasks so that your family can help too. 
  • Garden journal: Document what is working in your garden.
  • Garden notes: Jot down a few notes so you won’t forget what’s next!

  • Garden planning: If you are the beginning stages of gardening, this can be helpful to start planning what goes where.
  • Project tracker: Keep an eye on big projects with the easy to use tracker.
  • Harvest Record: Did your garden grow something awesome? Jot it down!

Garden Planner Printable

  • Pests and problems: If you have any issues, it is a good idea to mark them down. This will help you next season so you can remember what to be aware of when you plan.
  • Plant profiles: Track important details about your plants.
  • Seedlings: If you are growing seedlings, you can monitor what and where they are.

  • Soil condition: If you want to note soil condition, this can be helpful for future planning.
  • Weekly weather tracker: Track the weather so you know when you may have to pay attention to storms and watering. 

Garden Planner Printable

How to Use It:

Download this PDF printable and print. Set up a list of garden chores that you will start with. Set up the project tracker so that you can plot out which task to do first. You can track your soil along with a place to track pests and weather too. 

Garden Planner PDF

Garden Planner Printable

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Garden Planner Printables

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