Fun “Back to School” Party Ideas

Description: Throwing a back to school party can be a lot of fun. There are many options and great ideas to make such a party a great success. Here are just some of them.

Let’s face it, so far this year has been quite a challenge. It was one surprising event after another. Though, on the bright side, it has given us the opportunity to spend more time with our family and loved ones. The rare opportunity that we all should cherish. However, with the upcoming school year, we have to be ready for the kids to go back to colleges and schools. But before this happens, we still have one last opportunity to gather together all our friends and family. Yes, we are talking about the back to school party. Whether you are going to throw such a party live or via zoom, here are 4 fun “Back to School” party ideas we thought you might enjoy.

Book-themed Party

Now, there are many ways to proceed with this idea. First and foremost, you can create a book inspired party. So pick a book to your or your child liking, and declare it a theme for the day. For instance, if it’s one of Jane Austin’s books, let everyone dress in the spirit of the late 18th century. The food and entertainment, of course, should contribute to the overall theme of the day. You can simply ask people to dress after the book character that inspires them.

As for the entertainment, you can order custom outdoor inflatables of any design matching the book theme. Whether it’s an exact giant inflatable version of your kid’s favorite book, just a bouncy house with a book design, or other blow-up interactive themed games. Today’s manufacturers make even the craziest idea of inflatables that are loved by everyone. You just have to think of a design and game and get it realized. It will be a great idea to please your child and keep the kids entertained.

You can also create a book party where everyone is bringing their favorite book, so all of you can have a solid topic for the small talk. You can create a poetry reading as the star of the show. Additionally, you can organize a book garage sale, where you people are bringing books they are ready to swap or give away for free. It is a great way to share books among your friends, and find something new to read for yourself.

Sleepover Party

What child can finish school without a sleepover party experience? It is a perfect way to bond with friends and create warm memories of your teen years. It doesn’t take much to organize such a party. It’s as easy as to make an order of writing an essay. Perhaps, the main thing that is expected from you, as a parent, is to not intervene. Invite a few of your kids’ best friends, order pizza, get some ice cream, and that’s pretty much it. If you want to go one step further, you can buy a new computer or board game. You can also organize a cinema out of your living room or a fashion show. Just give your kids whatever you think they should enjoy. Oh, and don’t forget about the parents. While your children are having their party in their own room, you can have a small party for the parents in the kitchen. Get a few bottles of wine and discuss how your kids have grown up.

Breakfast Party

If you want to have something more creative this time, you can throw a breakfast back to school party right before driving your kids to school. This is a great way to reduce the stress of the first school day. All of your kids’ friends will meet before their first classes which will brighten up their mood. It also doesn’t take much to organize such a party. You don’t have to wonder, “can anyone do my homework for money for me?” Such a party is no brainer! Get a few cereal boxes and buy enough milk. Have some sweet and sour healthy snacks. Take a few tables outside to the backyard, or host a breakfast in your living room. Just throw cushions all over the floor and have an open buffet for the kids. They’ll take care of the rest. Oh, and don’t forget about the coffee for the parents.

Backyard Campout

With the recent string of events, it is quite likely that you and your kids have not gone anywhere for vacation this summer. Most children have also been deprived of going to summer camps. It was all for a good reason, of course, though, now it’s your last chance to compensate for this gap in summer experience. Host a Backyard Campout Back to School party! It is unique, exciting, and very summery. What is a better way to say goodbye to hot summer days than to sleep outside in a tent after the evening around the bonfire? If there is a better alternative, we are not aware of it. Invite your kids’ friends by the evening. Organize a bonfire and prepare a delicious snack to cook on the open fire. Set a few tents in the backyard. Here you go! The best and most adventurous back to school party is ready! If you want to add something extra, try an open-air cinema. Pick a nice autumn movie and play it outdoors. Success is guaranteed.

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