Free Printable Disney Pixar Lightyear Activity Sheets

I am pretty sure I squealed when I heard about the new Disney Pixar Lightyear movie. Toy Story is at the top of my list when it comes to my favorite animated films. I love all the toys and couldn’t begin to pick a favorite. Now we get to hear more on Buzz Lightyear’s backstory!

Disney Pixar LIGHTYEAR Movie Trailer

The definitive origin story of Buzz Lightyear, the hero who inspired the toy, “Lightyear” follows the legendary Space Ranger after he’s marooned on a hostile planet 4.2 million light-years from Earth alongside his commander and their crew. As Buzz tries to find a way back home through space and time, he’s joined by a group of ambitious recruits and his charming robot companion cat, Sox. Complicating matters and threatening the mission is the arrival of Zurg, an imposing presence with an army of ruthless robots and a mysterious agenda

Pixar Lightyear Coloring Pages

Click the images below to open the PDF download for printing. Your family can enjoy counting down the days until LIGHTYEAR releases in theaters on June 17, 2022 with these movie themed coloring pages. Color Buzz Lightyear as a cute Father’s Day card for dad!

Disney Pixar Lightyear Printable Maze

Can you help Buzz Lightyear find his spaceship?

Buzz Lightyear Can You Spot The Differences?

I love playing spot-the-differences! The kids and I used to race to see who could find them first.

DIY Buzz Lightyear Spaceship

Let the kids DIY this Buzz Lightyear spaceship. Download the free printable, color how you want your spaceship to look and fold like a paper airplane along the dotted lines. Now captain your own spaceship around the house.

Enjoy this free printable Buzz Lightyear activity sheets while counting down the days until Pixar’s LIGHTYEAR opens in theaters next month.

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