Father’s Day Printables: Easy Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

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Happy Father’s Day! Having a hard time thinking of last-minute activities for the family on Father’s day? No need to fret! We’ve found just the perfect gifts for you so you can give your husband or dad a simple, but thoughtful gift this Father’s day! Here is some fun, last minute Father’s day printables that will brighten up his day! 

Father’s Day Printables

We have 2 printables inside this awesome pack- a Father’s day Coupon set and a Questionnaire. This is SUCH a fun set!

The Coupon set includes cute little coupons that dad can redeem with the kids for “activity of his choice” or “clean the yard” together. It’s a really great way for the kiddos and dad to have a lot of fun together! 

The Questionnaire is also a great way for everyone to learn about dad. What is Dad’s favorite food? Maybe we can fix some of those tonight for dinner! Your family might want to fill out this questionnaire together with dad. You could also make it a fun game and see how much you know about dad and quiz each other!

How to Use Father’s Day Printables

These printables are SO easy to use. Here are some instructions to get the best use of them:

  • First, you can download the file linked above- easy peasy!
  • Print it out. You can print out multiple copies if you want— maybe each kid wants their own set!
  • You might laminate the coupons. We don’t want to lose them! Plus, when you laminate them, they are durable and can be written on with a dry erase or permanent marker.

We also have some exceptional gifts for Dad in our shop if you’re ever in a bind! Maybe you’d like to buy a custom sign telling Dad how great he is! Or a keychain with the coordinates of your favorite spot! 

Father’s Day Gifts

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What fun activities do you have planned this Father’s day? Leave a comment below!

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