Dollar Tree DIY Fairy Garden for Kids

It is no secret that I love Dollar Tree DIY projects. Finding inexpensive crafts and things for kids to do is usually at the top of my list. We made our first Fairy Garden almost four years ago and have loved them ever since. We even made DIY Fairy Garden Furniture and a DIY Fairy Garden Fence – simple enough for kids to do! Now we put together this fun Dollar Tree DIY Fairy Garden for Kids that does not require live plants or soil! No worry about keeping plants alive.

dollar tree diy fairy garden

You can make this Dollar Tree Fairy Garden with only a few bucks. The one shown above cost me $7 but if you have your own container, faux flowers or rocks at home, you’ll save even more.

Dollar Tree Fairy Garden Supplies

dollar tree fairy garden supplies

Dollar Tree has quite a large selection of fairy garden supplies now. I visited three different Dollar Tree stores and compared all their products. Each store had a small aisle filled with Fairy Garden supplies. They even had bags of soil!

fairy garden house

The part that I was most impressed with at our local Dollar Tree was the Fairy Garden house. They had several different designs and they were all so cute. Some were fruit themed while others were more rustic. We picked this little Fairy Garden house to use in our Gnome Garden for my son. 

rocks for fairy garden

Since I wanted to make a Fairy Garden and Gnome Garden that kids could play with without worrying about making a mess, I picked up two bags of stones and sea glass at Dollar Tree. I used the stones as my foundation in the Fairy Garden for kids.

Dollar Tree DIY Fairy Garden for Kids

fairy garden house added to planter

After adding your stones to your fairy garden, it’s time for the decorating fun. This is where kids can get creative. Place your fairy garden home or furniture anywhere you like. Since there is no soil or living plants in the garden, kids can move their fairy garden decorations around and play with their garden.

use sea glass in fairy garden

Sea glass is an optional add-on to your Fairy Garden. Sea glass gives the appearance of a river or pond in the garden. 

add decoration to fairy garden

The package of fairy garden animals we found at Dollar Tree were adorable. This little raccoon is using a leaf as a row boat. 

fairy garden animals

He fit perfectly on a piece of sea glass to look like he is rowing down the river. I was actually impressed with the great details on his design. They came three to a pack for one dollar which made him cost only 33 cents!

add succulent to fairy garden

A tradition fairy garden has succulents. You can switch this up and add any faux flowers you wish. Check out our Hundred Acre Wood Teacup Garden for inspiration on using silk flowers in your garden. For this Gnome Garden we wanted to use succulents while also keeping the garden kid friendly. You can find succulent stems at Dollar Tree and in the Target Dollar Spot.

add faux succulents to fairy garden for kids

The design options for your Fairy Garden are endless. We added this adorable little mailbox next to our fairy house.

fairy garden mailbox

Again, the details amaze me. You can tell it has been hand painted for only 33 cents.

fairy garden for kids

This Fairy Garden is the perfect size to sit on a shelf or nightstand in your child’s room. As long as they are old enough to not put the stones in their mouth, then let them play and have fun! By using no soil and faux succulents they can move around their fairy garden decorations and play with their little animals. Dollar Tree also has fairies and gnomes you can add to your garden.

Dollar Tree DIY Fairy Garden for Kids

add faux succulents to fairy garden for kids


  • Plastic planter bowl
  • Stones
  • Sea Glass
  • Fairy Garden house
  • Fairy Garden decorations
  • Faux Succulents


  1. Pour stones in your bowl or planter to fill half-way.
  2. Add optional sea glass to make a river or pond in your fairy garden.
  3. Place largest decorations first. Such as your fairy garden house, arch or other items.
  4. Add your small fairy garden animals, fairies and tiny furniture. We used a mailbox next to our fairy garden house.
  5. Add faux succulents in the back of your garden or as filler in any empty space in your garden.
  6. Let your kids play with their fairy garden without the worry of mess from soil or keeping plants alive!


All items can be found at your local Dollar Tree. The planter bowl was found on the candle aisle next to the vases, along with the stones. Dollar Tree has their own Fairy Garden section with decorations to use. Let your child's creativity run wild!

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