DIY Fairy Garden Fence with Banner


DIY Fairy Garden Fence

Are you busy crafting a fairy garden this summer? The cost of buying all of the little odds and ends can really add up. Well the good news is, you can craft some pieces on your own for less. Treat the fairies in your garden to a sweet and whimsical fairy garden fence. This fence comes complete with a “bloom” banner and is sure to add a pop of color and creativity! Take a peek below at how you can craft your own for just pennies. It is easier than it looks!

Supplies needed:

  • Small picket fence
  • Twine
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Foam peel and stick letters
  • Scissors
  • Glue

We found the small picket fence for just .50 cents at our local craft store. You can also find twine, letters, and scrapbook paper from .50-$1 at your local craft or retail store. Pick colors that appeal to you and compliment the rest of your fairy garden.


1. Begin by cutting small triangles out of your scrapbook paper. You will need one triangle for each letter of your word.

2. Glue the triangles to the twine.

3. Once the triangles are adhered, go ahead and add your letters. We spelled out BLOOM with our letters but you can spell out anything you wish. WELCOME and GROW would also be fun to try.

fairy garden banner Bloom

4. As soon as your letters are in place, you can hang your banner. Apply some glue to the ends of the twine and press them to each side of the gate.

5. Your gate can now be added to your fairy garden. Just press it into the dirt and let it welcome fairies in.

Fairy Garden Fence DIY

You don’t have to spend big bucks on accents for your fairy gardens. Give this easy garden gate a try and spruce yours up for less while still getting the sweet look you are after.

Do you have a fairy garden?  What is one accessory you have added to your garden?


    1. Fairy gardens do attract little girls but boys love them too. They love to create scenery with animals or dinosaurs making a miniature make- believe world.

  1. I love your little fairy garden fence banner! My daughter and I have been working in her fairy garden – I’ll add something similar 🙂 FUN!

  2. This is super cute! We don’t have a fairy garden. In my city, there is an alleyway that someone has been building tiny houses and adding occasionally (they’re mice-size houses/doors.) This would be so fun to add to that!

  3. I saw someone make a fairy door in their home, and I didn’t get it, but NOW I DO! These are cute ways to craft and add a little something extra to your home. Cute!

  4. I don’t have a fairy garden, but that sure is one cute craft! I love how simple and inexpensive it is, but still turned out fabulous!

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